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Sometimes we wonder if we’ll ever be able to repay our moms for all that they’ve done for us. The answer is, probably not. All we can do is continue to show them our love and throw in an extra treat or two when Mother’s Day rolls around. Though no gift, spa day, or elaborate vacation can really add up, we’re trying our hand with these heart-warming (and house-warming) presents for every kind of mom on your list. Not to pat ourselves on the back, but our designers know how

Image via C Home You know the feeling when that first 75 °F day in spring hits, and you just want to be outside? Yeah, we’re familiar as well. But since the great outdoors seem to make most humans so happy, why not bring nature’s bliss inside, too? Well, some spaces have it figured out. These homes take their designs into the wild with luscious gardens growing against their walls or paradisiacal accents that recreate the vibes of a white sand beach. So get in touch with nature through rooms

As an interior designer, it’s not every day that you’re asked to create a space for one of the world’s most recognizable personalities. So when Laurel & Wolf designer James Tabb was contacted by the Easter Bunny’s eggcellent team, he hopped at the opportunity to makeover the head hare’s study. After all, this was not just some bunny. Although the Easter Bunny is notorious for having fluffy tastes, James didn’t bother pulling his hare out over the design and jumped right down the rabbit hole to get to work. He carefully considered each

We’re beginning to swap our ankle boots for sandals, our jackets for dresses, and we can’t seem to stop humming “Here Comes the Sun.” Spring is beginning to show its lovely face again. As far as fashion goes, the season’s trends seem to match the upbeat vibes of the season. And as usual, interior design is following suit. From picnic-ready looks to bold, fiery hues, these are the spring fashion trends that are inspiring our spaces. Anything Gingham Goes If in doubt this spring, just be the picnic blanket. This

Design by David Jimenez; Photo by Joshua McHugh for Architectural Digest. We all have that little voice in the back of our heads that tells us right from wrong. It reminds us to always say thank you and excuse me, never to chew with our mouths open, and to hold the door for little old ladies. But every now and then, it’s okay to listen to the devil on your shoulder and break a rule or two. Specifically, when it comes to interior design. Forget what you’ve heard about avoiding

Photo via Architectural Digest During football season, America reacquaints themselves with their favorite NFL teams and players. We know their positions and their stats. We might even know how large their salaries are. But what do their lives look like off the field? Pretty freaking gorgeous. We rounded up the best of the best for you scrolling pleasure. If there were a Super Bowl for interior design, these NFL players’ homes would surely be the winners. Hines Ward Considered one of the greatest wide receivers in the history of the Pittsburgh Steelers, this

Photo via Decorpad Feeling motivated? Us too. After a brisk jog and a green juice this morning, we meditated, signed up to volunteer more and decided that we were finallllllly going to get around to investing more. Oh and budgeting. And no more impulse shopping. Also, meatless Mondays. Ooh and maybe we’ll clean out the closet. But a few weeks into the new year, our Netflix queue is calling, we’re back to hitting the snooze alarm and who left that pint of Ben & Jerry’s in the fridge?!  Staying motivated

Sure we love gathering our loved ones around us during the holiday season. But gift-shopping, party-planning and holiday hosting can make the holidays way more taxing than relaxing. So how to cut down on the stress? Pour yourself a strong serving of eggnog and start prepping now! Whether the whole fam is coming to your place on Christmas Day or they’re staying for all eight nights of Hannukah, these tips and tricks will ensure that your guests the five-star treatment without turning you into a nut(cracker). Have extra blankets and bedding

Buying a thoughtful present and then chucking it into some old gift bag is like slaving over a souffle and then slopping it onto a paper plate. It just doesn’t have the same effect. So this season we teamed up with photographer Gray Malin to show you how to create picture-perfect gifts. This is our guide to presents with presence. STEP ONE: Pick your paper Start with a good base. Thinner paper rips and crumples more easily, making wrapping difficult. Get a selection of wrapping paper in complimentary colors and patterns along with a

Images via The Kitchen McCabe / Graham Gaunt Pop quiz: What’s the sweetest thing about the holidays? a.) Spending quality time with family. b.) Strutting your stuff in a shiny cocktail dress at the office holiday party. c.) Indulging in a plethora of sweet treats without feeling guilty about it. d.) All of the above. If you’re like us, then you probably answered all of the above, but let’s be real — Santa isn’t the only one who digs Christmas cookies. Becoming reacquainted with dear old friends like Snickerdoodle, Gingerbread and Peppermint

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