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Image via El Ramla Hamra A living room without a coffee table is like a car without a steering wheel — it just doesn’t work. Where else do you eat dinner while marathon-watching the Bachelorette? Or display those sweet hardcover books you haven’t gotten around to reading? If sofas are the anchors of a living room, then coffee tables are the centerpieces. Not only do they fill awkward space, but they can add a surprising dose of creativity to a room when you opt for something a little different. From vintage chests to drumsets,

Photo via Digital Trends Have you ever fallen asleep without plugging your phone in? In the modern world, there are few horrors greater than waking up to an uncharged device. But as houses become smarter, we’re starting to say goodbye to technology-related woes like tangled cables, a lack of outlets, or misplaced chargers. Thanks to recent developments in wireless charging—also known as Qi—furniture is moving into the future. From kitchen countertops to bedside tables, these built-in charging hotspots are blurring the lines between tech and design in a beautiful way.

Photo via My Domaine, Designed by Melissa Miles Rufty. We’re all familiar with the phrase “less is more.” It’s definitely the creed of more than a few minimalist interior design Pinterest and Instagram feeds. But lately we find ourselves agreeing more with architect Robert Venturi, who said “Less is a bore.” When done well, maxed-out spaces have a certain cozy charm and allow for some serious personal expression. For those ready to embrace a vibrant, layered look, these maximalist interior design tips will help you discover why more is more (without becoming a hoarder). 1.

A needlepoint pillow sounds like something you might find in your grandmother’s living room. Most often they’re stitched with dated designs like a bouquet of English roses or a rooster and smell of mothballs and propriety. But lately, designers have started putting a contemporary spin on the age-old craft, adding quirky phrases and bold patterns. These are our new favorite ways to make a statement (literally!) with pillows. Plus, a video to fill you in on how to style it!   For those times that you really just don’t have the time.

Photo via ArchiPanic / Aria We all know the 80s are back, from clothes to music to interiors. With it we’ve seen a resurgence of one of our favorite loud-and-proud design movements, Memphis Design. But where did the movement come from? What characterized it? And how does it translate today? We’ve got your primer below! A Brief History of Memphis Design: It was December of 1980 when Italian designer Ettore Sottsass gathered a group of his fellow creatives together for a meeting in Milan. A Bob Dylan song, “Stuck Inside

Photo: Coco Lapine Design.  While we love bikes for all the obvious reasons–they’re functional, healthy, environmentally-friendly and fun–we also dig them because they look seriously cool as décor. Whether you’re a fan of road bikes or beach cruisers, there are endless ways to attractively display your wheels without adding clutter to your space. Read on for our favorite methods of showing off the coolest rides around. Space at a premium? Then go upwards with storage. Hanging bikes vertically near an entry way or in an enclosed balcony allow you to grab and

Excellent news, couch potatoes: Comfort is cool again. After years of midcentury-inspired furniture with delicate, tapered legs and tailored profiles, sofas with serious chunk are making a comeback. You know those couches that have a special, sunken-in spot formed exclusively for you and your behind? Or the ones that lovingly embrace you through breakups, sicknesses, and TV binges? Their backs are low, their cushions are deep, and they are made for curling up pretzel-style with a good book and a glass of wine. From L-shaped loungers that nearly double as beds to square

Not all chairs are created equal. Some are made strictly to increase office productivity while others are meant for lazy movie days. And then there are those that are crafted for pure, unadulterated fun. Enter the hanging chair. Like the hammock, this playful and versatile seating option is made for lounging, swaying, and obviously, just hanging around. They were all the rage in the 1970s, and now they’re swinging back into action. From boho rattan chairs in the living room to groovy mod acrylic ones, these are the hot seats of

Capture the flag, canoeing, campfires. Nothing can drum up a serious dose of nostalgia like summer camp. So we love that designers everywhere have started to bring what’s great about the great outdoors into the home, from teepees in playrooms to camp blankets in the bedroom. But it’s easy for camp decor to come across, well, campy. So we’ve got tips, tricks, and products to create rooms that would make your arts and crafts counselor proud. 1. Use camping supplies as decor: Canoe paddles, travel pennants, and painted arrows — these are just a few

Truth time: We’re a little bit obsessed with rattan. And we’re not talking the Golden Girls-variety that your grandma rocks on her front porch. With 60’s and 70’s boho ruling the runways and mid-century modern design on an everlasting turn-up, rattan is the cherry on top of a perfect interior sundae. As summer’s sunny rays arrive, we’re particularly enamored of this tropical material, which is versatile enough to use from the backyard to the bedroom. The flexible yet durable nature of rattan makes it ideal for crafting furniture, especially chairs.

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