Image via The Design Files In the words of Bob Dylan, the times they are a-changin’. Which means all the décor and design inspirations we’ve obsessively pinned over the past 12 months are quickly becoming obsolete. Don’t panic – mid-century furniture and marble surfaces will always have their place, but fads like chevron and macrame have had their moment. From celestial symbols to a modern take on tile, these are the new trends that will replace the old this year. Swans are the new flamingos. We’re all about a little bird decor,

Photo via Decorpad Feeling motivated? Us too. After a brisk jog and a green juice this morning, we meditated, signed up to volunteer more and decided that we were finallllllly going to get around to investing more. Oh and budgeting. And no more impulse shopping. Also, meatless Mondays. Ooh and maybe we’ll clean out the closet. But a few weeks into the new year, our Netflix queue is calling, we’re back to hitting the snooze alarm and who left that pint of Ben & Jerry’s in the fridge?!  Staying motivated

Image via Architectural Digest In the wild world of at-home bartending, bar carts have ruled the roost for years. Sure, they’re mobile, perpetually chic and make great accent pieces. But we’re ready for something a bit more permanent. The 1970’s saw the birth of the built-in wet bar, fueling many of our parent’s or grandparent’s craziest cocktail parties. However, these integrated drink stations typically lacked personality. But today, we’re beginning to see a revival. And it’s much more stylish than its dull, dark wood and brown leather predecessors. Tropical Tastes

Image via Architectural Digest by J. Randall Powers ‘Tis the season for turtlenecks, faux fur throws and best of all, plaid. Though we wouldn’t be completely opposed, we’ve never seen someone rock a tartan scarf in the summertime. And even in the home, we think plaid is best left for the cooler months. But the spaces that do wear their checks year round, wear them well. So here’s to our favorite winter print and the homes that do it best! The Checkered Blues Cool blues paired with black and white

Image: Library House, designed by Jessica Helgerson A new year is just around the bend and if we do say so ourselves, it’s about time. Though unfortunately, we can’t predict everything that’s written in the stars for 2017, we can use our design knowledge to deduce which home trends are on the rise. Some you may recognize from the past few months and some might feel brand new. But if anything’s for sure, it’s that we’re looking towards a bold and beautiful new year. The Hot Color: Green Pantone recently announced their

2017 Trend Report: Iridescent Decor Is In

By: Sarah Beaumont

December 18, 2016

Image via Sight Unseen. Photo by Nicolas Genta for Grande Edition. Comparable to the luminous interior of a seashell or the glossy sheen of an oil slick, iridescent designs are suddenly cropping up everywhere. Contemporary designers have taken to using rainbow-tinged acrylic while decor brands are glowing with pearly pillows and holographic dishware. A little bit alien and out-of-this-world, we predict the iridescent trend will take our homes straight into the future in 2017. Holographic Walls At the nHow Music Hotel in Berlin, brightly tinted acrylics create a dynamic decor experience that

Trend Report: Red Is All the Rage

By: Sarah Beaumont

December 6, 2016

Image via HAY x WRONG FOR HAY The color red is a lot of things. It can mean love and anger, passion and power. The rich, warm tone reminds people of the heat of the summer and the festive spirit of winter holidays. Though in recent years, cooler colors have ruled interiors, bold crimsons are suddenly back on the scene. And as color trends transition from baby pinks and pale pastels to more saturated hues, we think it’s time to bring the famed advice of Bill Blass into our homes — “When

Home Decor From Our Favorite Clothing Stores

By: sasha kacher

November 8, 2016

Image via H&M Home Want to know what feels even better than walking out of your favorite clothing store with that bag you’ve been eyeing for months? When that same store can inspire and furnish the place you call home. In recent years, fashion brands and retailers have launched exclusive home decor collections that are pleasing both fashionistas and interior design addicts alike. Selling everything from jewel-toned headboards to cat-shaped wall decals, these fashion brands turned home decor destinations are giving traditional houseware companies a run for their money. Zara This fashion treasure trove is

Image via Abu Camp This campaign season has officially exhausted us. And we’re guessing you’re in the same boat. So we’ve decided to focus on a campaign that we’re much, much, MUCH bigger fans of, campaign furniture! Despite its name, campaign furniture has very little to do with American politics, but politics are most certainly involved. What exactly is it? What purpose does it serve? And why do we care about it today? Read on for your primer on this oh-so-chic (and not at all email-server or wall-building related) campaign issue.

11 Goth Homes That Are Totally Badass

By: Sarah Beaumont

October 26, 2016

Image via Jens Bösenberg You don’t have to love Marilyn Manson to appreciate a jet black interior, shadowed in low, brooding light. Goths get a bad sartorial rap, but when Halloween rolls around, we say the darker the better. From spaces that recall medieval times to modern homes with Victorian touches, these gothic interiors are sending chills of design envy down our spines. Dramatic Entrance A dramatic entryway always makes a statement. Especially one with a barrel vaulted ceiling and a lengthy, stone-walled hall. But an antiquated piano topped with oddities

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