via Sight Unseen We’ve been known to fall hard for a good home design trend. And not in the subtle, a pillow here, an accessory there kind of way. In the late-night, online binge-shopping kind of way. We’re in serious danger this fall with some truly chic looks on our radar. But never fear, by mixing classic silhouettes with the designs of the moment, you can achieve the best of both worlds inside any space. So, tell us, which fall trend has you double tapping? Crushed Velvet: Could the season’s most on-trend material get

Image via Architectural Digest We have a confession — we’re starting to tire of the white-on-white look that’s been dominating our Pinterest feeds. Don’t get us wrong, neutrals are necessary, but when it comes to color, we’re craving the unexpected. Few people think to pair shades of black and yellow or purple and green together when painting walls or choosing decor. But when done right, uncommon color combinations can make a seriously chic statement. From salmon pink and forest green to citrus and cerulean, these unexpected color schemes are bringing spaces together

Axel Vervoordt’s flat in a Venetian palazzo via Architectural Digest Once upon a time, red tones and sunset hues were the hotness, making homes the picture of warmth and comfort. As we segued out of the 90s, the white wall aesthetic took over, and minimal palettes, cool tones and stark neutrals have reigned ever since. But as the old saying goes, everything old is new again. So get ready to get reacquainted with rosy hues this fall. From yellow sofas and orange-tinted accent walls to terracotta floors and apple red throws, we’re predicting

Image via Architectural Digest by May Daouk It’s been a big year for pastels, especially blushing pinks and faded blues. But now there’s a new color in town. Enter purple. Symbol of royalty, wealth, and wisdom, this rich color oozes power. And with its range from pale lavenders to saturated violets, purple is the perfect hue to carry interiors from fall to winter. Whether it shows up in the form of an eggplant-toned accent wall or an amethyst-colored sofa, the design forecast for fall says purple reigns. A coat of lavender paint brings us

13 Fall Fashion Trends To Twin With Your Interiors

By: Sarah Beaumont

September 20, 2016

Remember when twinning with your best friend at school was the cool thing to do? Unfortunately, it’s not as hip to don matching outfits with your coworker. But twinning with your interiors? That’s something we can get behind. From statement furs and velvets to saturated tones and metallic accents, we’ve rounded up the hottest fall fashion trends to match your interiors. Bold Statement Fur Fur for fall and winter is like an Eames chair in a mid-century modern space — it just works. But this season, natural shades take a back seat to the

Above image via Domino by Brittany Ambridge Remember when having a bean bag chair in your room automatically made your space the embodiment of cool? As soon as those Styrofoam-filled sacks hit department stores in the 1970s, they became synonymous with a laid back lifestyle. The flower power generation found themselves lovingly embraced by the chairs. Bean bags made an easy transition into the 80s thanks to the relaxed furniture silhouettes of the decade. By the 1990s and early 2000s, every kid wanted a brightly colored bag o’ beans. And then,

Jessica Chastain’s NYC Apartment via Architectural Digest  If you’re already over Halloween, hay rides, and pumpkin-spice everything, then Pantone’s fall color report will be a breath of cool, fresh air. Forget the traditional burnt oranges, deep maroons, and chocolate browns you’re used to because the color gurus over at Pantone predict vibrant tones to star in interiors everywhere this fall. “Transcending gender, these unexpectedly vivacious colors in our Fall 2016 palette act as playful but structured departures from your more typical fall shades,” the company says. So what colors should be on

Photo by Christina Kayser Onsgaard We’ll be honest with you. As much as we love flannel, hot cider and pumpkin patches, we’re not quite ready to say goodbye to summer. The good news? You don’t have to. You can have those sunny summer vibes all year round in your home. From palm prints and tropical materials to beachy art and textiles, we’ve got your guide to creating endless summer indoors. Bring home the beach If you can’t actually go to the beach, at least you can stare longingly at a picture of it.

Image via CROWDYHOUSE. NANO Voltasol rolling flowerpot by livingthings. Gone are the days of layered makeup, loads of hairspray, and over-the-top interiors – the natural look is in. When it comes to interior design, minimal, white spaces loaded with plants still dominate our Pinterest feeds. But we’re beginning to see warmth enter those spaces through earthy tones and new textures. Our current obsession? Terracotta. From tiles to pots to wall colors, going natural never looked hotter. TILES The terracotta of today tends to have a more natural, matte finish than the ever-popular

Image via El Ramla Hamra A living room without a coffee table is like a car without a steering wheel — it just doesn’t work. Where else do you eat dinner while marathon-watching the Bachelorette? Or display those sweet hardcover books you haven’t gotten around to reading? If sofas are the anchors of a living room, then coffee tables are the centerpieces. Not only do they fill awkward space, but they can add a surprising dose of creativity to a room when you opt for something a little different. From vintage chests to drumsets,

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