Image via Kimberly Genevieve You can’t count on any color trend sticking around forever. Soft, baby pinks have been all the rage in recent years, but there comes a time when a new hue must reign supreme. From fiery retro shades to citrus hues, we’re predicting a takeover from the sunnier side of the color wheel. That’s right folks, orange is the new pink. Paint it Orange Whether it’s tangerine or cantaloupe-hued, orange is probably one of those paint colors your mother warned you about. But as long as you

Image via Gardenista Pinterest is the go-to source for wedding inspo, design ideas, recipes, and DIY projects. Which means the site usually knows what’s what when it comes to current trends. And according to their July trend forecast, summer 2017 is all about enjoying the outdoors in style. Read on for our take on this month’s top Pinterest trends! Outdoorsy Interiors What better way to bring life to your space than with the accents of the great outdoors? If you’re an avid pinner, then you probably already know that banana leaf

Image via Chronically Vintage Our homes have changed a lot over the past half a century. But when you take a look through time, you’ll find there are some trends that we recycle again and again. Think Art Deco and Mid-Century Modern or the pastel hues of the 1980s. Naturally, there are great styles from the past that haven’t had quite the same staying power. But with a little walk down memory lane, you might be inspired to bring a retro look into your space. Whether you were born in

Image via Hey Wanderer When you think of boho style, you probably envision a room filled with sunny white walls, earthy accents and globetrotting textiles. It’s the boho we’ve come to know and love, but we’re ready for something new. Taking cues from other styles of design, we’ve started to see a moodier boho emerge. Think earth mama with a little edge. Curious? Read on to see how to bring this new look to your home. Boho + Minimalism You’re probably wondering how two opposing styles can possibly work harmoniously. After all,

Image via House Beautiful Whether you’re a “go pink or go home” kind of person, or just starting to appreciate the flirty hue, you probably know one thing: this color is trending big. From bolder, coral shades to subtler, pastel tones, pink can act as everything from a neutral to a statement hue. So in honor of this versatile hue, we’re rounding up the most inspiring rosy rooms. Pink Elegance Soft, rosé shades, whether patterned or solid, freshen up the room with effortless elegance and femininity. These Parisian-inspired spaces exude a sense of unabashedly girly glamour, perfect for

Image via Elizabeth Roberts Let’s start with a disclaimer: We’re not here to tell you that your space isn’t hip if you’re still rocking anything on this list. Design is all about what you like, so if you’re still digging millennial pink, then embrace your pink walls, pillows and chairs! But because home décor comes down to personal preference, we’ve polled our designers for the trends they’re tiring of. From kitchen hardware to living room décor, these are the trends we’re ready to say goodbye to this summer. OUT: Shiplap One of the most

Image via One Kings Lane People often think of modern design as stark and sterile, the look of museum galleries or a villain’s lair. But that cold vibe is a thing of the past. A newer, cozier modernism is on the rise — one that feels warm and inviting, streamlined and clean, all at the same time. But where did cozy modern come from? And how can you bring it into your own home? Read on for our tips. Cozy Modern Roots We’re putting our bets on the Scandinavians when it comes to the rise of

Folkloric Forest Wallpaper from Hygge & West Once upon a time, wallpaper was the standard in all sorts of households. Delicate calico prints climbed across kitchens, bathrooms went for bright blooms or sophisticated stripes. Sometimes small animals would even dance upon the walls. Then people got tired of patterns and exasperated by the task of removing or reapplying wallpaper. Thankfully, wallpaper is back and better than ever! Self-adhesive wallpaper is making it possible for renters, indecisive decorators, and those who just like to try new things to use wallpaper in their homes. Plus

Image via Vintage Revivals While we’re all about originality in home decor, we have to admit that Pinterest provides an unparalleled source of inspiration. (We post our ideas for the taking all the time!) The trends you keep seeing, again and again, are basically crowdsourced from users just like you. One person can post an idea that gets circulated throughout the site, then replicated and reposted until it becomes a thing. Pretty cool, in our opinion. So what decor trends are getting a lot of traction this year? Pinterest recently shared its

Image via Arent & Pyke from Alex Hotel Rattan and cane — they’re the hottest home decor materials since marble. From ’70s-style rattan chairs to simple baskets, woven accents are all the rage right now. But we’re paying attention to cane in particular. This flexible material has the ability to give your home that relaxed, boho vacation look or make your minimal space feel like a traditional spring picnic. But how do you differentiate between these wicker varieties? Read on for a breakdown of cane furniture and products to help you

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