The candy bar industry has expertly spun “small” into “fun-sized,” but when it comes to rooms and interiors, the rules of Hershey’s and KitKats don’t always apply. While bigger isn’t necessarily always better, more often than not we are trying to make the rooms in our homes look and feel as big as possible. With this in mind, we’ve assembled a trusty trove of tricks to help turn your claustrophobic chamber into a spacious oasis. After all, your living room might not be king-sized, but it can still have a delicious design.

Photo via John Varvatos Man cave. The very words strike fear into the design conscious among us, conjuring up visions of bulky pleather recliners with cup holders, the scent of stale beer, walls lined in garish sports memorabilia. But there’s a whole other class of man caves out there, ones with James Bond tech swagger, sumptuous seating and serious style. Settle in with some single malt and artisanal jerky, these are our picks for the world’s sickest man caves. Rugged Yet Refined A good man cave needs to start with comfy

When we heard that Queen Bey and Jay were about to add two little ones to their musically royal family, we dropped everything and started designing our dream spaces for the little ones. We had James Tabb tackle creating a look that’s all Beyonce, while Kimberly Winthrop imagined a space that’s all Jay-Z. Check out the designs and tell us where you fall. Are you Team Bey or Team Jay? Their Sister’s Nursery Although they haven’t released images of daughter Blue Ivy’s nursery, we do know that Bey purchased one badass crib for her.

Photo Remodelista.com Our bathrooms are our sanctuaries. They’re where we go to get away from the world and wash our worries down the drain. They’re the places we begin each day and end each night. They’re even the places where our shower thoughts turn into some of our greatest ideas. So, if we spend so much time in the bathroom, why is this space often the most overlooked in terms of both style and functionality? Whether you have a powder room with just enough room for the toilet, or one fit for a king, we’ve got the tips to bring order to the everyday madness. Drawer

Post sponsored by Bed, Bath & Beyond If you’re among the 21.4% of people whose new years resolution is to eat healthier and lose weight, then you may want to take a peek at your pantry. Since studies show that the best way to stick to any resolution is to start small, cleaning out your kitchen cabinets is the perfect place to start. We tapped nutritionist Kristie Moore to get some advice on healthy eating habits and then applied them to this pantry makeover with product from our go-to organization gurus Bed, Bath & Beyond. Read on for the

‘Tis the season to break out the bubbly and celebrate the holidays in style. And since not everyone is lucky enough to have a built-in wet bar, the bar cart is really the next best thing.  Perfect for transporting drinks or posting up against a chic backdrop, its versatility is what makes this stylish accessory any hosts’ right hand man. We asked our designers to spread some holiday cheer by styling a standard bar cart for less than $300. From girly and glam to boozy and bold, see how they’re getting into the holiday spirit with,

Photo by Sam Angel for March House They say that you can’t have it all. Well, spoiler alert: “they” are wrong. Especially when it comes to food. In these interior design-meets-dining hot spots, mood and menu pair perfectly just like fine wine and cheese, beer and burgers. So, wherever you seem to find yourself in the good ole’ US of A, we’re wishing you a very delectable bon appétit with a side of design (hold the sauce!). Keep scrolling for 25 restaurants to add to your bucket list. NEW YORK:

Airbnb and other vacation rental services have completely changed the way we travel, allowing us to live like a local in locales around the world. But what’s often missing in these experiences is a hotel-worthy design. Airbnb owner Lauren Otero knew that her LA bungalow‘s look was far too basic for its funky Silverlake neighborhood. Due to the popularity of the area, she had solid bookings, but was making significantly less than the average nearby hotel’s per-night rates.  Could design be the culprit? She teamed up with designer James Tabb to find out, transforming the one-bedroom

Image via Architectural Digest (The Old Family Dining Room during the Obama Administration) With its vast, white facade and grand, ionic columns, the White House is one of the most notable architectural landmarks in the world. Daily tours make their way around its historic halls, and visitors come from far and wide to take pictures outside its gates. But beyond the public areas of the White House, the presidential family has their own private world, expertly designed to fit their tastes. As we near the end of the Obama Administration and

Democrat or Republican, we all have one thing in common — our undeniable fascination with the White House. And with all of the madness surrounding this presidential election on November 28th November 8th, we’re turning our attention towards something a bit less controversial, the winning candidates private quarters. Along with the title, the soon-to-be president also gets their very own, four-story residence between the East and West Wing of the White House. And, if you’ve seen The Obama family’s White House tour, you know that they’re pretty spectacular digs. So we asked our interior designers to

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