Image courtesy of Sabbe Interior Design Trend Alert: Plaid is back, and we couldn’t be more pleased. Though it got its start all the way back in the 6th century, the historical tartan pattern is no longer limited to Scottish kilts and bagpipes.  Today, with thousands of color combinations and patterns to choose from, it’s a bold and versatile statement for the season. Check out our favorite ways to throw your home an unforgettable plaid party…just don’t forget our invite!  Deck The Walls In Plaid Textiles aren’t the only way to add plaid to your home. Transitional

We’ve all inherited family heirlooms that don’t quite fit with our tastes. But how can you get rid of your great grandfather’s grandfather clock or a 19th-century sofa that traveled across the ocean with your ancestors? Giving up a piece of furniture with family history is basically taboo, but it’s hard to live with something you don’t love, even if it has sentimental value. Enter Revitaliste. The hot new startup helps people transform their old furniture. Whether your hand-me-down needs to be refinished or restored, painted or reupholstered, Revitaliste works with a

Pictured above: Takenaka Bento Box It’s back to school time, and whether you’re packing lunches for your kiddos or you still feel like a kid yourself, everyone can appreciate a well-made meal. So we’ve rounded up our favorite make-ahead lunches along with some of the chicest carrying cases around. Say goodbye to sad brown sacks and hello to lunchtime swag. Noodle Around Town Ditch the unhealthy takeout and fill up your new reusable container with this healthier homemade sesame soba noodle salad with edamame. Sack It to Me It’s like the

Photo via Hunter Fans It’s officially the dog days of summer, people! Our makeup is melting, our hair is frizzy and our clothes are more than a little rumpled. And to add insult to injury, the one thing standing between us and sweet, cool relief also happens to be one of the world’s ugliest decor items in the world. Fans! Why must an item of such functional beauty be such a design eye sore?  Who can save us? Well, it turns out more than a few designers are on the case. We

Photo of John Robshaw’s house by Patrick Cline An empty wall. It fills us with equal parts anticipation and dread, especially if we’re on a budget. While we all love a gallery wall, the cost of purchasing and framing that many pieces of art can add up quickly. Thankfully we’ve learned quite a few ways to trick out a big space on a small budget. These are our tips for finding statement art that won’t break the bank. Try Engineering Prints Even at big box retailers, a large scale art print can cost

There’s no better way to embrace the great outdoors than to sleep there. But you’ve gotta contend with finding a campsite, schlepping your gear, cooking your chow. If you want nature with a side of creature comforts, we’d suggest sticking close to home, like really close to home. For today’s installment of our Summer Bucket List, we put together this guide to glamping in your own backyard! Video: See our glamping set-up come to life! Pitch a tent (or a teepee! Or a yurt!) The more comfortable the structure, the more you’ll use

Nothing beats cooking with home-grown ingredients, but not everyone has a garden full of herbs and vegetables at their disposal. Well, rest assured because you don’t need a couple acres and a degree in botany in order enjoy fresh herbs year-round. In fact, all you really need is a sun-drenched windowsill and a light green thumb. Trust us, your basil will taste even better and your lavender will smell twice as sweet. Here’s our primer on how to grow and maintain an indoor herb garden (with style!). Related: The Plants of Instagram: What They

Our childhood homes are full of memories that will forever be frozen in time, but that doesn’t mean the houses themselves have to stay stuck in the past too. As kids leave home and plant roots in new cities, parents can finally take back what was once theirs. And that is exactly what one Interior Designer enabled her parents to do. Growing up in a small town outside of Houston, Laurel & Wolf Designer, Claire Brody first discovered her love for design through her mother. “She’s definitely a decorator at heart. I remember her always rearranging the furniture and thinking about design. I’m

Big cities tend to get all of the design cred. But this summer, we’re taking the path less traveled and singing the praises of small towns across America. From the nouveau nautical style of the Pacific Northwest to the hippie mystique of California, the bayou boutiques of Louisiana to the arty prepsters of Massachusetts, there’s a world of inspiration on the backroads and byways of the US-of-A. So next time you put in that PTO request, consider trading in the crowded metropolis for a quieter, quainter experience. Because these 12 towns are

The poor, poor guestroom. For most people, it’s the place where you stash that box of who-knows-what that you never managed to unpack, even though you moved in 10 years ago.  Or it doubles as your office, a neglected workout room, or some combination of both. But when friends and family come to stay, you want to put your best foot forward. So, ahead of summer travel season, we’ve put together ten tips for creating the ultimate guest room. Tip 1: The Welcome A handwritten welcome note that includes your

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