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Colors We’re Tired Of (& What to Replace Them With)

By: Olivia Bae

August 17, 2017

Image via Elle Decoration Sweden

Even the prettiest hues can lose their allure over time — especially if they’re used repeatedly in every space. And much like furniture, accents, and lighting, color is a key element in home design that should be chosen with purpose. It should animate a space, not make it boring or predictable. So if you’re tired of seeing the same old shades ruling a domaine, read on for bold new ways to play with pigment. From beige to blue, we’ve rounded up five conventional colors and the exciting hues to replace them with.

Replace Crème & Beige with Warm Neutrals
In the dining room on the left, warm amber walls are adorned with artworks, a mirror, and ceramics. On the right, a modern bedroom with chestnut brown walls and soft gray beddings exudes serenity.

Image via Houzz // Benjamin Moore

The 90s aesthetic is back in the world of design and we’re seeing its mellow, laid-back vibes making their way into our homes through earthy hues. But who says you need to stick to overused neutrals like crème and beige to achieve a perfectly relaxed space? Choosing richer shades like warm amber and chestnut will make your abode even cozier, just in time for fall.

Replace Gray with Moodier Tones

From soft gray to charcoal, this hue is trending hard. And while we do like the idea of the silvery shade replacing millennial pink as the “new neutral,” seeing it everywhere has made us not-so-fond of the popular hue. With Autumn just around the corner, we’re looking to moodier jewel tones like midnight blue and dusty emerald to bring style and sophistication into our monochromatic homes.

Replace Blush with Sunny Yellow

Get your cowboy hats on — the next Gold Rush is coming! If sweet and soft-spoken blush pink was the “it girl” color of 2017, we’re anticipating bright and playful yellow to take center stage soon. Pantone has already called it, naming hues like gold brick and lemon as pigments to watch out for in 2018. Don’t wait until the new year to add a sunny glow to your home!

Replace Blue with a Mix of White & Gold

So often do we settle with plain navy walls and think that we’re satisfied. “Many of our clients go back to blue no matter what we suggest,” says interior designer Amisha Desai Vora. While we agree that blue is a safe choice for creating a refreshing cool ambiance, reusing that shade throughout the home without a unique edge can feel a little stale. Consider selecting varying shades of blue like cerulean or indigo and mixing them with soft whites and gold accents.


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