How to Create a Beautiful Craft Room

By: Sarah Beaumont

March 1, 2017

Image: oh joy! studio designed by Emily Henderson

Anyone with a crafting hobby needs a space where their creative juices can flow. So conquer your to-DIY list by emptying that old storage closet or finally organizing your office to create a craft area that’s both functional and beautiful. Because how can you create pin-worthy goods if you’re not crafting in a Pinterest-worthy room?

In honor of National Crafting Month, we’ve compiled tips to help you stock a space that’s as beautiful as your crafting creations.

Declutter & clear space.

No matter the size of your home, you should be able to carve out a little space for crafting, whether it’s a corner in the living room or a wall in your office. But projects are hard to complete in a cluttered space, so clear out excess stuff and designate a spot for getting creative.

Start with a large, sturdy work table.

Crafting requires a sturdy surface to work on and lots of space to set your supplies. If you’re using an office for crafting, make sure you have a desk that can take some heat. A multi-functional piece with added drawers or shelves is perfect for storing craft materials when they’re not in use.

Create a storage supply system. 

In a craft room, storage space is nearly as important as the materials themselves. A set of open shelves will help you maintain a sense of organization since they’re visible to the world. Arrange each section of your shelving according to which types of supplies you keep there (yarn, paints, magazines, etc.). Smaller items can be kept in labeled boxes, neatly stacked.

Color code.

Whether you meticulously arrange all of your pens by color or have a certain palette that you use for the design of your space, color coding is an excellent organizational tool. A minimal, neutral color scheme with pops of pastel keeps things looking streamlined and chic. Plus, paint is a great way to group areas by function.

Separate into stations.

Create a different station for each activity you do in your craft room. It doesn’t matter how small or large the space is — you can even designate each corner to a certain craft.

Make it livable.

The simple truth is, you’re not going to spend much time in a room you don’t enjoy. So make your craft space livable. Place a durable rug on the ground to add some homey comfort, bring in extra seating for guests, and infuse plant life whenever possible.

Show off your unique style.

Whether your style is more minimal or maximal, accent your craft space with the things that inspire you. Hang art on the wall, display your trinkets and items collected on travels. Create a mood board filled with inspirational images or things that fuel your creativity. Whatever you do, your craft room should feel like a little piece of yourself.

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