10 Songs to Help You Get Your Design On

By: Sarah Beaumont

August 4, 2015

Cleaning, cooking, packing, showering: just a few activities that are SO much better when music is involved… but we can think of one more. Say you just moved into a new space and you’re in the midst of the design process; you’re painting walls, mapping out your Laurel & Wolf designed space, deciding whether or not you want to keep that eccentric lamp you’ve had since you were a kid, and *cringe*, assembling a few new IKEA pieces. What we’re trying to say is, a really solid playlist can help the whole experience go a whole lot smoother.

At Laurel & Wolf, we want the process of setting up your space to be nice n’ easy. That’s why we’ve put together the perfect playlist to help you dance your way to great design! No matter if you’re putting together a Mediterranean inspired space or a Contemporary Eclectic one, there’s a song on this playlist to match it. And even when you’re done setting up, it’s a pretty great playlist for your everyday listening – if we do say so ourselves.

Hollywood Regency Design

10 Songs to Help You Get Your Design On, Laurel & Wolf, via quinncooperstyle.com

via quinncooperstyle.com

A space decked out in glamorous gold, vibrant patterns, and lacquered surfaces needs a song that will make you feel like an old Hollywood movie star as you put it all together. Compliment your Hollywood Regency space with a little Lana Del Rey. She may be a contemporary artist but both her music and personality ooze old Hollywood glamour.

Industrial Design 

10 Songs to Help You Get Your Design On, Laurel & Wolf, via home-designing.com

via home-designing.com

Think upbeat, urban rock with semi-grunge vibes while designing your industrial space. Inspired by the repurposing of 19th century factories into creative living spaces, industrial style is all about raw wood, exposed brick, polished metals and other elements you might find in a factory. Add machine and artisan made accessories and rock out to TV on the Radio or Cage the Elephant as you create an upscale urban environment.

Transitional Design

10 Songs to Help You Get Your Design On, Laurel & Wolf, via homedecorativedesign.com

via homedecorativedesign.com

If you’re in the process of putting together a transitional living room, you’re definitely a fan of balance. Transitional design mixes the sophistication of traditional style with the neutral appeal of contemporary design. Clean lines, liberal patterns, and both masculine and feminine pieces make this a highly coveted look. We’re feeling a little Fleetwood Mac or Elton John to match this fluid style. Both artists are classic but still very relevant and loved by all — just like transitional design.

Mediterranean Design

10 Songs to Help You Get Your Design On, Laurel & Wolf, via Trulia

via Trulia.com

Imagine you’re sitting on a balcony in Barcelona looking out at the Mediterranean Sea and Devendra Banhart’s “Mi Negrita” starts playing. This is exactly the vibe you should be channeling as you design a Mediterranean inspired space. Make sure your space is rustic and warm – incorporating the rich terra cottas of Spain, Italy and Greece, as well as mosaic or Moroccan patterned tile, handwoven textiles, rugged woods, and textured plaster finishes. And when you’re finished… can we come vacation at your place?

Traditional Design

10 Songs to Help You Get Your Design On, Laurel & Wolf, via hydrangeahillcottage.blogspot.com

via hydrangeahillcottage.blogspot.com

A polished, traditional space is well-matched with classical music. Both the traditional design style and classical music get a bad rap for being old-fashioned, but these styles are really just timeless. Pair your warm woods, tailored window treatments, and elegant patterns with Debussy and Bach and your space will have an extra sophisticated taste of tradition.

Romantic Design

10 Songs to Help You Get Your Design On, Laurel & Wolf, via freshome.com

via freshome.com

If your ideal design style is Romantic, chances are you have a thing for florals lace, and pastels. Luxurious elegance combined with cozy, traditional appeal make this fanciful style what it is. Think laid-back European country house, cottage or farmhouse, pull out your favorite antiques and stick “Dream A Little Dream” by the Mamas and the Papas on your record player.

Coastal Design

10 Songs to Help You Get Your Design On, Laurel & Wolf, via decorseven.com

via decorseven.com

Sea blues, sand tones, and organic materials are used to evoke a coastal mood. As you’re decorating, you want a light and airy feel to permeate the space, but don’t be afraid to let some cool California vibes enter the room. Listen to the beachy sounds of Santa Monica based band Cayucas (their name even pays tribute to the seaside town of Cayucas) as you strategically place pieces of driftwood, shells, and urchins around the room. Maybe even tuck a surfboard in the corner along with a few fiddle leaf fig trees for a perfectly laid back space.

Modern Design

10 Songs to Help You Get Your Design On, Laurel & Wolf, via Home Edit

via Home Edit

If you’re designing a modern space, ‘less is more’ is probably your motto. You’ll want to go for a neutral palette with metal and chrome accents and use minimal decor for a functional, streamlined, and tranquil space. We wouldn’t go so far as to say you should be listening to extreme trance or deep house music, but the smooth tones of some upbeat electronica will keep you awake and focused on putting together your modern space. Try a group like Flight Facilities for interesting remixes and modern dance vibes.

Contemporary Design

10 Songs to Help You Get Your Design On, Laurel & Wolf, ab5d9f9280e67401668d19ff03ac09de

via Home Edit

Contemporary spaces are all about a deliberate and anchored look. Go for smooth profiles, minor accessories, subtle patterns and a unified scheme of textures or colors. This is the kind of space you might want to turn up the volume on some melodious R&B. Blast a little Miguel, Frank Ocean or the Weeknd and let the chill sounds carry you to your beautifully designed space. This type of R&B meets pop/electronica is kind of the jam of the moment, and since contemporary design is too, they kind of go hand in hand.

Contemporary Eclectic

10 Songs to Help You Get Your Design On, Laurel & Wolf, via Blog Lovin'

via Blog Lovin’

Any lover of contemporary eclectic design loves lots of things. This means mixing cultural motifs with pops of color, vintage and modern pieces, patterns and art to create a completely unique look. Need to find a way to fit grandma’s 19th century armchair in your space? Just pair it with that ikat print rug and it will work just fine. Contemporary eclectic is all about experimenting while keeping some sort of cohesion throughout the space. You’ll want to get funky with Tame Impala for this one. Taking cues from psychedelic pop, this band is both ultra-popular and wide-ranging – just like contemporary eclectic design.

Now you can get your design on and your dance on at the same time. And come on, what could be better than that? You’re welcome.

xoxo, Laurel & Wolf

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