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How to Decorate for Multiple Holidays in One Space

By: Sarah Beaumont

November 29, 2017

Though malls and department stores are twinkling with Santa displays and yuletide lights, Christmas isn’t the only holiday that comes this time of year. So what do you do if you dig the decorations, but celebrate Hanukkah or Kwanza, too? Or maybe you want to try reusing some of that Thanksgiving tabletop decor? Seasonal style doesn’t have to have just one holiday attached. Use these tips to bring festive cheer to your space, no matter what you’re celebrating.

Re-Use & Repurpose

Unless you’re starting from scratch, there’s no need to rush out and buy new holiday decorations every year. The classics go a long way, especially during a season known for its traditions. But instead of hanging the stockings under the mantle or placing the menorah in the same spot as last year, try mixing it up. Hang holiday lights in the dining room, devote your coffee table to Hannukah decor. And when it comes to reusing items from the last holiday, that’s easy. Did you deck your tabletop out with pumpkins and pinecones for Thanksgiving? Refresh those accessories by painting pumpkins holiday hues like white, red, and gold. Your family won’t even notice, and if they do, they’ll probably be impressed with your craftiness.

Opt for a Neutral Palette

How to Decorate for Multiple Holidays in One Space

We’ll be the first to admit that a living room exploding with shiny red and green knick-knacks is not our idea of tasteful holiday decorating (who decided that red and green make a good color combo anyways?). We recommend using a more neutral palette reminiscent of the cool hues of the season rather than a specific holiday. Go ahead and incorporate your usual evergreen wreaths and gold tinsel, but combine them with wintry ivory tones and icy blues. A silver and blue color scheme is perfect for those wanting to bring an¬†element of Hannukah into their design as well.

Go Organic

People tend to think less about nature in the wintertime, but there are so many organic elements that can be used for seasonal decor. Bring more than just evergreen into your space and allow your plant life to flourish. Try winter jasmine, star magnolia, and even witch hazel as a way to add festive color. Wooden accents should be major if you’re going the natural route, so decorate with firewood, wood slices, and of course, pinecones.¬† And when it comes to texture, lay it on with sheepskin rugs and nubby throw blankets — pieces that will make you want to cuddle up in front of a roaring fire are key.

Mix & Mingle

How to Decorate for Multiple Holidays in One Space

There’s nothing better than having the best of both worlds. If your reindeer can mingle with your dreidels, more power to them. If your menorah sits above your stockings, that’s great too. The holidays are all about coming together so when you unify your celebrations through decor, that’s a great first step.

Happy Holidays!

How to Decorate for Multiple Holidays in One Space

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