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Design Inspiration From Our Favorite Romantic Comedies

By: Sarah Beaumont

February 13, 2017

What if real life happened like it does in a rom-com? It all starts with a meet-cute in the park, when your dogs’ leashes tangle you into an unexpected romance. A series of ups and downs and conflicts and quarrels carry you to the end of your love story where somehow, everything works out magically and you live happily ever after in a cute little bungalow by the beach. Unfortunately, real life doesn’t happen quite like that. But if these rom-coms teach us anything, it’s how a well-designed home can help us live happily ever after. From the Mediterranean hues in Mamma Mia to the old Parisian style of Amélie, these are the romantic comedies that inspire us to build blissful romances with our spaces.

500 Days of Summer

via 500 Days of Summer / Popsugar

Not only did 500 Days of Summer teach us that you can turn a dreaded IKEA trip into a great date, but it also showed us that chinoiserie wallpaper doesn’t always look like it belongs in your grandma’s dining room. Zooey Deschanel’s bedroom is a vintage-chic haven that fuses traditional elements with artistic flair.

Crazy Stupid Love

via Crazy Stupid Love / C Magazine Men

Ryan Gosling isn’t the only eye candy in Crazy Stupid Love. His glass-walled, modern house filled with shapely wood furniture and contemporary decor is pretty good to look at, too. Or live in.

Down With Love
Design Inspiration From Our Favorite Romantic Comedies

via Down With Love / The Design Files

Renée Zellweger’s pink-splashed apartment in Down With Love fuses mod, 60’s-style with slinky Miami panache. White-hot with a killer balcony, we’re imagining a space filled with curvaceous furniture and plenty of plant life.

P.S. I Love You

via P.S. I Love You / Vanilla Slate

Hillary Swank’s apartment in P.S. I Love You, masters masculine and feminine style — perfect for couples looking to cohabitate. Exposed white brick paired with glamorous gold accents and mid-century furniture is the recipe for this urban-chic look.


via Amélie / Maria Killam

With its sultry red wallpaper and quirky decor, Amélie’s apartment is as bold and daring as the adventure she embarks on in this eccentric French rom-com. Highly saturated hues and old Parisian elegance make this space extra appealing.

Mamma Mia

via Mamma Mia / Perivolas

Mamma Mia makes us want to escape to Santorini, Greece and get married by the seaside everytime we hear its tunes. Wide, arched doorways, white walls, soothing blue hues, and of course, a surplus of bougainvillea create a romantic abode to call home.

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