Design Trends That Will Be Hot in 2017

By: Sarah Beaumont

December 19, 2016

Image: Library House, designed by Jessica Helgerson

A new year is just around the bend and if we do say so ourselves, it’s about time. Though unfortunately, we can’t predict everything that’s written in the stars for 2017, we can use our design knowledge to deduce which home trends are on the rise. Some you may recognize from the past few months and some might feel brand new. But if anything’s for sure, it’s that we’re looking towards a bold and beautiful new year.

The Hot Color: Green

Pantone recently announced their 2017 Color of the Year and it’s clear that we’ll be seeing lots of green this coming year. Though Pantone’s shade, Greenery is a bit brighter and mossier in color, we’re also loving the trend towards more rich, dark hunter greens. We think that darker hue will replace 2016’s fave, navy.

The Hot Upholstery Look: Channel Tufting

It’s the hot look in hotels, restaurants and homes alike — channel tufting is a sophisticated and refreshing alternative for everything from sofas to headboards to full walls. This plump, padded tufting adds linear dimension and depth to any room. Try it in velvet, leather, or a bold hue to bring the look into 2017.

The Hot Material: Cork

In congruence with the green living trend, 2017 is all about using more sustainable materials in the home. Cork walls are both visually interesting and functional — they help block out noise and make it easy to hang art inspiration. It also has a groovy 1970s look, a 2016 trend that we definitely see carrying into the new year.

The Hot Style: Nouveau Art Deco

Move aside mid-century modern. Bold, geometric shapes are back with a 1920’s style mix of minimalism and Art Deco. Bars and restaurants have already begun to incorporate the retro glam mood and now it’s time to bring the look home. In 2017, you’ll see black and white marble paired together, velvet tuxedo couches, and retro prints with a contemporary twist.

The 2016 Holdover: Organic Modernism

The boho boom of 2016 will keep going strong in 2017 as the uncertain political climate makes us yearn for comfort in the home. This year we expect to see more rich browns, rust and red replace last year’s favorite, blue.

The Hot Fabric: Jewel Toned Velvet

This fall, velvet hit the scene with a big, glamorous bang. When it comes to velvet in 2017, it’s all vibrant jewel tones like emerald, ruby, amethyst and sapphire. This look is surprisingly versatile, adding a dose of glamour to more minimalist spaces and a textural counterpoint to more organic ones.

The Hot Shape: Cutting-Edge Curves

Hard, straight lines have been all the rage for furniture in the past few years, but not anymore. Curving silhouettes with full, soft-bodied cushions represents the shape of things to come and a move to more low-slung cozy couches.

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The Hot Combo: Jewel Tones & Muted Naturals

Vibrant jewel tones aren’t only meant for velvet furnishings. In 2017, they’ll be mixed with more muted, earthy shades like terracotta and sand. Expect them in unexpected places, from bold kitchen cabinets to saturated subway tiles.

The Hot Flooring: Concrete

Say goodbye to marble countertops. Well, not really. We all know marble will never go out of style, but concrete is a much less expensive option for the kitchen. It’s fresh, cool and super durable. If you’re in te mood for a major home overhaul, we’re also feeling the raw simplicity of concrete floors and walls.

The Hot Tech Trend: Smart Appliances

As our tech gets smarter, so do our homes. 2017 will see even more developments in terms of smart furnishings and appliances, especially in the kitchen. Smart tech appliances don’t have to look Jetsons-futuristic either. Companies like Samsung and LG are making an increasingly diverse range of looks and models.

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