Designer Challenge: Add Some Holiday Cheer To Your Bar Cart

By: Casey Gerber

December 20, 2016

‘Tis the season to break out the bubbly and celebrate the holidays in style. And since not everyone is lucky enough to have a built-in wet bar, the bar cart is really the next best thing.  Perfect for transporting drinks or posting up against a chic backdrop, its versatility is what makes this stylish accessory any hosts’ right hand man. We asked our designers to spread some holiday cheer by styling a standard bar cart for less than $300. From girly and glam to boozy and bold, see how they’re getting into the holiday spirit with, well, spirits!

The Design Brief: 

With a budget of $300, show us how you would transform a traditional bar cart into a festive one! Please use the below bar cart as the base of the design. See the bar cart here!

Designer Challenge: Add Some Holiday Cheer To Your Bar Cart, Laurel & Wolf, barcart

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The Winning Looks: 

Designer Challenge: Add Some Holiday Cheer To Your Bar Cart, Laurel & Wolf, barcary1

Look #1: Sonia Carlson’s Glam Girl’s Night In 

“The motivation for this Bar Cart design was driven by wanting to create something light-hearted, textural, and sparkly! Simply adding some personalized lettering can make the cart feel approachable and right at home. Adding a soft faux fur to the bottom shelf creates a buffer for the ice bucket; both a practical move so that it doesn’t slide around when wet, and a design statement that makes the fun, metallic bucket stand out. A serving tray is perfect paired with some holiday bubbles, and a jingle bell bottle opener again captures your attention. On the top shelf, the focus is on adding varying heights, and essentially drawing your eye up and out. Berry branches provide the only color for this metallic and white concept, allowing it to really shine. The varying heights and staggered placement of the candles will provide an ambiance in the evenings that draws your eye.The glasses, wine tumblers and coasters are both practical and cheerful, the perfect item for toasting to 2017!” –  Sonia Carlson

Look #2: Maggie Richmond’s Botanical Bar Cart 

Designer Challenge: Add Some Holiday Cheer To Your Bar Cart, Laurel & Wolf, keepcalm

“The holidays can be a stressful time so I wanted my bar cart design to encourage people to take a pause on life with a delicious Christmas cocktail and enjoy the time with family and friends! The copper bar accessories add some warmth to the bar and the fresh garland will keep your home smelling beautifully all throughout the holidays!” – Maggie Richmond 

Look #3: Irene Roqué’s Bar Where Festive Meets Fun

Designer Challenge: Add Some Holiday Cheer To Your Bar Cart, Laurel & Wolf, redbarcart 

“I wanted to style the bar cart in a way that was textured, felt collected, and was super simple to put together by making use of all the interesting objects that we already own. To make it feel cozy and festive, I gathered items that were shades of green and natural woods balanced with patinated golds and whites. Personalizing with vintage pieces like the African trade beads and the rattan wine rack makes the cart feel special. Lastly, the most easy part is finishing it off with fresh items (aromatic greens, herbs, pomegranates, and of course champagne!) that can be found at your market.” – Irene Roqué

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