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Designer Spotlight: Heather Porlier

By: Brittney Reynolds

February 4, 2016

Laurel & Wolf Designer Heather Porlier is a stylist with an eye for fresh ways to make a space beautiful and true to her client’s diverse needs. Her passion lies in curating spaces that can comfortably blend personality and functionality. When it comes to interior design, her clients are her first priority.

After graduating from University of Oklahoma with a Bachelor’s in Communication and a Minor in Design, Heather went on to pursue her love of creating fabulous and inviting spaces, by launching her very own design firm in 2011. One of her favorite parts of working in the field of interior design is her ability to meet and work with clients from all across the country. Heather is thrilled to be a part of our growing roster of interior designers, and we are equally excited to share her unique design perspective with the Laurel & Wolf Community!


What is your dream project? 

My absolute dream project would be a contemporary eclectic ranch style home in the mountains. I love the idea of mixing streamlined, contemporary pieces with rugged, cozy aspects against a gorgeous, natural backdrop.

What is one place you have traveled to that has inspired the design of your own home?

My husband frequently travels to Scotland on business and I have enjoyed going with him on occasion. Scotland incorporates deep blue, grey, and misty greens. I love spending a rainy day bundled up next to a cozy fire inside a hunting lodge filled with antique furniture and light accents. I’ve noticed that I lean towards old-world pieces, like antlers paired with modern lines. While unusual, it always works and I love it!

If you got to pick a movie to live in, which would it be?

Surely I am not the only person who could totally curl up and make myself right at home in any of Diane Keaton’s movie homes? Father of the Bride…Somethings Gotta Give…To name a couple!

What is the least glamorous thing you do as a designer?

Last week I injured my shin while moving a large floor lamp for a client. So maybe cuts and bruises?

If you were to create the ideal design power couple, who would they be and why?

Benjamin Vandiver and Suzanne Kasler should definitely collaborate on something — for the good of the world! He is amazing at creating a minimalist aesthetic that feels luxurious and lived in and her talent in mixing textures and patterns is completely on point. Benjamin and Suzanne, if you are reading this…do something together and whatever it is, I will buy it!

You have $100 to put the finishing touches on a space. What do you do?
I adore live botanicals and fresh flowers for the life that they bring to any space. It always transforms a room to have something gorgeous and bright into the mix. Fresh flowers and a live potted tree would be my definite must!
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