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Designer Spotlight: Jessica Today

By: Sarah Beaumont

November 12, 2015

Jessica Today has a rich background in design, architecture, and culture. She spent years touring through Europe and Asia, studying genres ranging from antique to modern, while cultivating her own style foundation and unique eye for design. Her dedication to creating a beautiful experience for each and every one of her clients is what makes her stand out as a top designer.

Read on for our full interview with Jessica Today and check out her portfolio, here!

Jessica Living Room

What is your dream project?
I would love to design an old Victorian mansion. I love learning about the history behind homes, so having the opportunity to work with a beautifully dated mansion would be an amazing experience.
What is one place you have traveled to that has inspired the design of your own home?
The architecture of my current home is actually very modern, so I kept a minimal, streamlined vibe throughout. Palm Springs has influenced many of my design choices in this home.
If you got to pick a movie to live in, which would it be?
Under The Tuscan Sun. There’s something so romantic about an Italian villa!
What is the least glamorous thing you do as a designer?
Being a designer involves getting your hands dirty, and that means lifting, measuring and going to construction sites regularly.
If you were to create the ideal design couple, who would they be and why?
My husband, Alec, and I make the ideal design couple. We balance each other out nicely. We love going shopping for decor together, whether it be at a well-known furniture store or a local flea market. He tends to be more minimal and modern, and I enjoying adding warmth to a space.
You have $100 to put the finishing touches on a space. What do you do?
Flowers! They add color, warmth and a touch of nature to a space.
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