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Designer Spotlight: Sarah Barton

By: Sarah Beaumont

February 25, 2016

Attending college her freshman year, Sarah planned on becoming a Pharmacist. Before signing up to take any classes related to the field, she quickly realized she wanted to choose a career path that combined helping others with her love of art and design. After a few conversations with her parents, Sarah began her journey. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design from the University of Central Arkansas and soon landed the huge project of designing her sorority’s new house on UCA’s campus, bringing her full circle to where it all began. When she’s not designing client spaces, Sarah enjoys event planning and coordinating as well as home staging and working in a retail environment. She begins every project with a listening ear and a creative mind that never quits, always thinking one step ahead.

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What is your dream project?

In school we were assigned a project where we had to design an imaginary restaurant and I loved every minute. From choosing the table linens to the light fixtures and the leather on the banquettes; it was a dream! I would love to bring this project to life and create a space where diners would enjoy first dates, business dinners and holiday parties for years to come.

What is one place you have traveled to that has inspired the design of your own home?

I love traveling to beaches, and my family has been to several in the Caribbean. You can see influences of coastal scenery in my home from neutral linens, pops of blue, fresh greenery and wood accents. It’s so calming and cozy!

If you got to pick a movie to live in, which would it be?

Father of the Bride. It’s my all-time favorite movie and the Banks’ home is my ultimate dream home! I love the traditional style of the exterior and it would be great to see the interior updated to suit today’s design trends. Not to mention, I’d love to get a chance to talk to Martin Short’s character, Franck!

What is the least glamorous thing you do as a designer?

It’s got to be digging through bins of fabric samples, hot and humid construction site visits, and graphite-stained hands after a long sketching session! It may be seen as unglamorous, but I love every minute!

If you were to create the ideal design power couple, who would they be and why?

Designer Kelly Wearstler and architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Mr. Wright’s homes are incredibly unique and feel like they belong in a natural environment while Wearstler’s use of rich textiles and finishes would really bring a fun and interesting twist to the space.

You have $100 to put the finishing touches on a space. What do you do?

Fresh flowers all around! I’ve learned that a simple vase with any type of flower automatically makes the room feel ten times nicer. I love to get mine from the Farmer’s Market or at a local grocery store. Place them on your kitchen island, your coffee table, your bookshelves, on a nightstand, and in the guest bathroom for a lovely, intentional touch.

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