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Does your place fail the girl test, guys?

By: Casey Gerber

March 18, 2014

As part of our designer guest post series, I want to introduce you to Mary Meyer, one of our wonderful designers out in New York.  We love Mary’s sharp voice and think you will enjoy some of the quick tips she has picked up from her years helping people upgrade their spaces.  So without further ado, here is Mary.


Have you ever thought what your apartment looks like to the ladies?

Does it lack that umph or worse than that- does it send the ladies screaming for the hills?

I’m not talking glamming’ up your space- but just simple touches that every girl- even your mom will appreciate.

Here are 6 easy ways to make your place impress.


1. Add Texture
















image credit

By mixing up different textures you create some visual interest and coziness and let’s face it, girls love cozy. So go ahead and get that velvet pillow- just make sure you pair it with some cotton or linen pillows. Throw down a sheepskin rug and you’ll have a space that will make her stay a little while longer.

Notice the different textures– linen sofa, metal and wood table, soft throw, cowhide rug, glass, ceramic etc. CO-ZY!

2. Improve Your Lighting

Women love good lighting. It makes us feel pretty and the right lighting can create mood.  Mood is good. Nothing puts a damper on that mood more than some cheap light you still have hanging around from your frat days. So don’t walk, run, to your nearest lighting store and get a great floor lamp like these.

















image credit













image credit

3. Interesting Accessories

You don’t have to travel to exotic locales or clutter up your space with chotchkies.  Just a few thoughtfully placed accessories or even books will say that you care about your home. They’re a  great  way to show your personality.


















image credit

4.  A Well Styled Coffee Table

Coffee Table

















image credit

5. Art

No, not that Bob Marley poster everyone had. Invest in a great piece of art that you love. It doesn’t have to cost you a lot of dough, there are a ton of up and coming artists happy to sell you their work inexpensively. Better yet, hit up a flea market where you can find some great stuff.  Perhaps even some of the accessories mentioned above.



image credit

6.  Something Green


 image credit

Get a plant, preferably one that can be watered once a week, or even better every two weeks. I personally have yet to kill these:




 image credit

Split leaf philodendron (just not good for pets… and kids).



image credit

Peace Lilly


And lastly…



It doesn’t have to look like Mr. Clean lives here. Just some basic maintenance is necessary, especially before a date.

So here you go a well thought out space inclusive of everything mentioned above. Hope she loves it. You can thank me later.


image credit


Mary Meyer

Mary is an interior designer in  New York and  specializes in furniture rehab and e-design.  If you want to read more of her writing you can find it here: http://www.marymeyerinteriors.com/

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