Don’t Break Your Budget: Bedrooms Under $5k

By: Casey Gerber

June 29, 2015

Whether you’re a city apartment dweller or living the white-picket-fence dream, your bedroom should be the main destination of your home. After all, you spend 25 years of your life in bed (yes, seriously!) so it better be comfy and look good too! We’ve got 3 easy ways to pull your space together with a budget of $3-5k.

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Bedroom From $3-5k: Coastal Modern Style
Don’t Break Your Budget: Bedrooms Under $5k, Laurel & Wolf, unnamed-2
Tip #1: Your bedroom is not just your bed.
So many people get stuck in the idea that their bedroom should JUST be a place for sleeping, but that’s certainly not the case! Make your bedroom a destination for relaxing and decompressing from your workday by adding a comfortable seating area. Not only will you create a lovely place to sit and relax or read before bed, but adding a seating area will make your bedroom a little more inviting to the people you share your space with. (And ladies, a chair next to your bed is a perfect place to lay out your outfit for the next day!) To get this look:

Bedroom From $3-5k: Bohemian Style

Don’t Break Your Budget: Bedrooms Under $5k, Laurel & Wolf, unnamed

Tip #2: Sweet accessories make a world of difference! 
Take your room from plain to perfectly styled just by adding a few similar accessories. Even if you start with more style neutral furniture (we love this headboard and could see it in a Hollywood Regency, Contemporary, or Transitional space!) you can immediately change the design style of your room by the accessories you use! To get this bohemian look:

Bedroom From $3-5k: Romantic Style

Don’t Break Your Budget: Bedrooms Under $5k, Laurel & Wolf, unnamed-1
Tip #3: Tie your entire room together with a great rug.
It seems like a no brainer, but a really gorgeous rug can make or break a room. That being said, a beautifully made rug doesn’t need to cost you a fortune! We love this luxe looking romantic rug and it’s price tag. To get this look:

The moral of the story? Have fun with your bedroom and don’t feel inhibited by our budget – you can create a beautiful space without going broke!

xoxo, Laurel & Wolf

P.S. Are you interested in working with a trained professional? Read our guide to learn more about the real cost of hiring an interior designer.

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