Don’t Break Your Budget: Living Room Looks for $5,000

By: Casey Gerber

May 15, 2015

We’ve already explored how you can design your living room for under $1,000, and this week we’re upgrading our budget to something between $4,000 – $6,000. At this price point, you can definitely makeover your entire space with some gorgeous furniture! Expect to be able to buy:

  • a couch or sofa
  • an area rug
  • a coffee table
  • at least one side table
  • armchairs or accent chairs
  • 1 or 2 pieces of wall decor

We’ve put together 3 different design looks to give you an idea of what you can get with a medium range budget. Scroll down for more!


Style: Contemporary Eclectic 

Don’t Break Your Budget: Living Room Looks for $5,000, Laurel & Wolf, 2500-4000 style board regency


With at least $4k to spend on your interior design, you can be a little more selective with your sofa choices – take a look at our post on how to find the best sofas at every budget. Compliment a graphic rug with a solid, round coffee table to keep the room from looking too busy, and don’t be afraid to use a patterned armchair to offset your couch.

A chrome pendant light paired with a mirrored side table add a touch of drama and luxury. Throw some art on your walls (and of course a mirror!) to complete the look!

Style: Hollywood Regency 


Don’t Break Your Budget: Living Room Looks for $5,000, Laurel & Wolf, $2,500-4,000 Style Board regency

We love this room, we almost can’t believe that it came in under $5,000! Typically it can be difficult to find a Chesterfield style sofa at a lower price point, but this little beauty did the trick in cream linen fabric. Upgrade the room by adding lots of accent pillows and a rich, navy rug.

A chandelier instantly adds style, and the gold-mirrored tiered coffee table adds storage as well as beauty. For extra seating, add a mongolian fur pouf/footstool. A room always feels more finished with art on the walls and when you add plants, so opt for fresh flowers on the side table and a fiddle leaf fig tree to add some life!


Style: Mid-Century Modern

Don’t Break Your Budget: Living Room Looks for $5,000, Laurel & Wolf, $2,500-4,000 Style Board - Modern

Mid-century modern style is making a serious comeback, and the design world is taking notice. If you love this style, you can recreate it in your home in no time, without breaking the bank! The trick? Find pieces with iconic mid-century style to anchor the room and complement them with more neutral pieces. Your couch and armchair combo is pretty important, so feel free to spend the majority of your budget (up to 60%) on those items. Add a rug in a light color with a simple pattern, a sweet side table, and a pendant light for a little extra oomph and your space is complete!

What style do YOU want to see in our next post about interior design on a budget? Tell us in the comments below!

xoxo, Laurel & Wolf

P.S. Looking for the help of a trained professional? The first step is to define a budget for your design project. Check out our interior design cost guide to make sure you have all of the expenses accounted for!


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