Our Nursery Designs for Beyonce and Jay-Z’s Twins!

By: colleen clark

February 3, 2017

When we heard that Queen Bey and Jay were about to add two little ones to their musically royal family, we dropped everything and started designing our dream spaces for the little ones. We had James Tabb tackle creating a look that’s all Beyonce, while Kimberly Winthrop imagined a space that’s all Jay-Z. Check out the designs and tell us where you fall. Are you Team Bey or Team Jay?

Their Sister’s Nursery

Our Nursery Designs for Beyonce and Jay-Z’s Twins!, Laurel & Wolf,

Photo via House Crush

Although they haven’t released images of daughter Blue Ivy’s nursery, we do know that Bey purchased one badass crib for her. This $4,500 lucite number (pictured above) proves that she was already cooler in utero than we will be, well, ever. But what should her siblings’ space look like?

The Baby Beyhive

Design by James Tabb

“These little ones will be the buzz of the interwebs once they’re born, so it’s only right that they have a proper hive to hide from the paparazzi in,” James says. Delicate netting draped from royal crowns shield golden cribs. The beehive pattern repeats, from custom gold leaf wallpaper to octagonal windows, a hand-knotted Moroccan rug to a sculptural light fixture. Golden limited-edition legos and plush bee toys beckon sister Blue Ivy to come bond with her new siblings. And of course, properly attired nannies and butlers bring the finest silken burp cloths and golden bottles to the littles.

The Home of Hard Knocks

Our Nursery Designs for Beyonce and Jay-Z’s Twins!, Laurel & Wolf,

Design by Kimberly Winthrop

“These twins certainly won’t want for anything in their multi-million dollar mansion. But Jay wants to remind them of his own humble upbringing and of the musical legacy they’re a part of,” Kim says. Drawing on Jay-Z’s love of art, Kim created a custom wallpaper inspired by both street art and high art. The Keith Haring-esque pattern will be in black white and bright red, a shade known to stimulate early childhood development. The modernist cribs are flanked by Basquiat pieces similar to those that Jay-Z has collected in the past. The babes are introduced to the family business via a custom ceiling mural of the Brooklyn Nets as well as custom plush boombox toys and a golden building to keep them in an Empire State of Mind.

So which nursery do you like best? Vote below!


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