Our Favorite Spaces Where Plaid Has All the Power

By: Sarah Beaumont

December 20, 2016

Image via Architectural Digest by J. Randall Powers

‘Tis the season for turtlenecks, faux fur throws and best of all, plaid. Though we wouldn’t be completely opposed, we’ve never seen someone rock a tartan scarf in the summertime. And even in the home, we think plaid is best left for the cooler months. But the spaces that do wear their checks year round, wear them well. So here’s to our favorite winter print and the homes that do it best!

The Checkered Blues

Cool blues paired with black and white buffalo plaid have a crisp and refreshing effect on a space. And there’s nothing as classic as a mix of tartan prints in shades of evergreen, navy and ice.

A Taste for Tartan

A plaid rug acts as a textural layer of warmth in this eclectic, art-filled living room.

Beige Buffalo

Check out these buffalo checks. Neutral, beige tones make traditionally heavy plaid feel as light and airy as a summer’s day.

Game for Grids

Mid-century in style and contemporary in spirit, Seth Meyer’s backstage dressing room on the set of Late Night has the masculine plaid look covered from floor to ceiling.

Checked Out

Whether it’s paired with edgy, modern art for a grown-up spin on punk rock style, or spotted around a traditional space, the passion for plaid is present in these stylish bedrooms.

Farmhouse Flannel

From California to the French countryside, these spaces have mastered making modern farmhouse style as cozy as your favorite plaid flannel.

Playful Plaid

A little bit Deco, and a little bit 90’s grunge, and a little bit sk8r girl, these sleek checks add a powerfully playful edge to the contemporary rooms they live in.

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