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Find Your Floral: Spring Blooms to Match Your Rooms

By: Sarah Beaumont

April 7, 2016

Every year as the sun starts to shine, spring fever sets in. Symptoms include: a desire to dine outside for every meal, an inability to drink anything but rosé, and the desire to fill every available surface with fresh flowers.

But not all bouquets are created equal. So we teamed up with online flower retailer The Bouqs to design different arrangements to match different décor styles. Plucked from organic farms in the US-of-A and from the lush slopes of a South American volcano, these flowers will make your wintry interiors spring to life.

Read on to find out which blooms best suit your rooms. Then get 20% off your purchase by entering LWBOUQS at checkout.

The Hero Bouq + A Contemporary Family RoomBouqs_Interiors_1-redo

Fresh white freesia looks stunning when placed beside bold blues in a contemporary interior. The sweet-smelling flower provides a soft counterpoint to the clean lines and minimal décor of this modern living room.

The Marshmallow Bouq + A Glam Living RoomBouqs_Interiors_2-redo

Dainty ranunculus and fragrant larkspur mix and mingle in this floral arrangement for a look that’s full-on girl power. When paired with the soft pastels and luxe gold accents of this living room, the bouquet adds a serious dose of Hollywood glam style.

The Sincere Bouq + A Transitional Living Room


No matter the color, roses are always a classic, but a bouquet of white tends to be more versatile than its red counterpart. The same can be said for transitional interior design — blending the sophistication of traditional style with the neutrality of contemporary design, this look is all about balance.

The Rustic Bouq + An Eclectic Family/Dining Room 


Part of the joy of the season is the way everything seems to come to life at once. The Rustic bouquet celebrates that riot of growth and color. The vibrant mix of green hydrangeas and pink sprays blends effortlessly with the array of patterns, textures, and organic elements in this contemporary eclectic space.

The Flashy Bouq + A Minimal Romantic Dining Room 


Some may say that red is romantic, but a bouquet of pink and white roses pairs perfectly with the airy ambiance and muted palette of this minimal romantic dining room. The soft bouquet echoes the lush textures of the fur throws, gleaming marble and white lacquer.

The Monotone Bouq + A Coastal Family Room


No flower represents spring more than the lily. And we love the way the muted monochrome palette of this bouquet pops against the soulful blues of this coastal living room. It’s as perfect a color pairing as the sand meeting the sea.

The Feng Shui Bouq + A Midcentury Modern Kitchen 


Both feng shui and midcentury modern design celebrate making a maximum impact with minimal clutter. But both need a lush counterpoint to keep your room from feeling spare. Enter this playful medley of peppy green poms, classic carnations and roses. It’s the perfect foil to the clean lines of this midcentury modern kitchen.

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