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Get to Know a L&W Interior Designer: Jamielyn Costes

By: Casey Gerber

March 16, 2015

We have a big ‘ol #designcrush on our Laurel & Wolf interior designer, Jamielyn Costes!

Here at Laurel & Wolf headquarters, we love to watch design projects as the designs roll in, and we’re constantly impressed by the level of work that Jamielyn exhibits. She creates beautifully designed style boards, always listens to her clients, and goes above and beyond when creating her final design. When you see her work, you’ll understand why we’re kind of in love with her! Read more to find out about Jamielyn’s inspiration, how she came to interior design, and why you shouldn’t be afraid of an interior designer!

Laurel & Wolf Designer: Jamielyn CostesLaurel & Wolf: So how did you find your passion for design?
Jamielyn Costes: I went to design college in Chicago got really into interior design there. I was born and raised in Chicago, and I have a deep appreciation for architecture and history. I’d taken a class in high school on interior design which really opened the door for that. After school I started working in the field, doing a lot of kitchen and bath work – it can be really detailed and meticulous, but I really love it! I got really big in the world of kitchen and bath in chicago, became a project manager on a bunch of projects, started designing tiles and then managed a tile showroom for a while. I did a lot of little things with design before I settled on interiors!

L&W: What makes your designs stand out?

JC: I love working with colors and textures. And I just love designing and creating in general! so on the side, I’ve been known to dabble with calligraphy, paper flowers (Etsy- Ink and Leaf), and a clothing line (Finally Hip).

Jamielyn Costes - Room 1

L&W: The design industry has changed a lot in the past few years, and Laurel & Wolf is disrupting the old format of interior design.
JC: Agreed, there are a lot of blogs, a lot of people on Pinterest, and a lot of tools that have evolved to be more tech involved.

Jamielyn Room - 2 L&W: We love that people are using those tools! And there is definitely an interest in pinterest and DIY design. People intrigued by that have access to materials that they never had before, which is really cool. But great interior design is a LOT harder than pinning something onto a board.
JC: It’s a lot harder! Everyone’s space is totally different, and we each use our space in different ways. Sometimes we forget that we can’t just take a picture from the internet and recreate it in your space. It won’t have the same look and feel as a design that’s customized for your home.

Gamily Room -3 L&W: Do you find that a challenge because you’re creating and designing spaces digitally?
JC: No, not at all. I feel like each client is different. Some you can turn in a plan and they’re totally cool with it. Other clients need more of a description and explanation as to why you made certain design decisions. It challenges you to describe space differently because you can’t physically be there, but its really rewarding when you finally get it!

Room - 4L&W: Any advice to a new clients who may be nervous about using an interior designer?
JC: Hmm. I think that people can be a little afraid of an interior designer, because an interior designer is in your space and directly involved in your life. You as a designer get to know your clients very personally! But my advice would be to open up and really tell your designer what you want to use your space for – that helps us customize a design even more for you!

Want to design your space with Jaimelyn? Check out her Designer Profile here and all of our Chicago interior designers in our designer directory! 

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