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Get Your Space Rental Ready

By: Casey Gerber

November 15, 2014

It’s holiday season, which means you’re probably traveling to visit family for a few days, or at least a weekend. Why not earn a little cash off of your empty apartment or house while you’re gone? These days it’s so easy to rent your space on websites like Airbnb, that it’s almost silly not to! For the first-timers out there, we’ve gathered together some tips to make sure your space is rental ready!

1. Take high quality photos of your space for the listing. Your space is more likely to get booked with in focus, high resolution photos. Borrow a DSLR from a friend if you can instead of using your cell phone. In addition, taking photos during the day when there is natural light coming through your windows is key! Airbnb even offers a complimentary professional photographer to come take photos of your space – take advantage of it!


2. Communicate honestly and openly. Don’t list a pool on property if there isn’t one. Promising amenities you can’t provide is a sure way to get a bad review from your guest, which can ruin your chances of renting again. Also, make sure to clearly detail your expectations of the guest as well. What time are check in and check out? What are the cleaning expectations for the guest? Is it ok for them to use kitchen/cooking supplies? The more you communicate, the happier everyone will be!

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3. Clean up. No, your home is not a hotel, but guests expect it to look like one. Sweep and vacuum like a mad[wo]man, dust every surface, wipe down your countertops, and scrub your shower. Don’t forget to clean things like the inside of your refrigerator, your stovetop, bedside table, all mirrored surfaces, and light switches. One stray hair in the kitchen can completely ruin your guest’s experience, so the time spent cleaning is definitely worth it.


4. Stay unique. While you want your place to be clean, it doesn’t necessarily have to be neutral design-wise. There’s no need to remove color or quirky decorations – have fun with your decor! This is your space, and Airbnb guests are excited to stay in a unique home (or else they’d just stay in a hotel!). You can even give your home a funky name like “Beach Bungalow,” “Romantic Retreat,” or “Sleek Studio.”


5. It’s in the detail. Leaving a welcome basket to greet guests upon their arrival is a great way to set the tone. In addition to the basics (neatly folded towels, a fresh bar of soap, shampoo and conditioner, etc.) it’s nice to provide neighborhood-specific resources. Where are the closest coffee shops and super markets? What are the best restaurants in the area? A neighborhood guide or local magazine is another great way to help guests feel at home.


Good luck with your rental, and have fun traveling!


Laurel & Wolf


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