Gift Wrapping 101: How to Wrap the Prettiest Presents Under the Tree

By: colleen clark

December 15, 2016

Buying a thoughtful present and then chucking it into some old gift bag is like slaving over a souffle and then slopping it onto a paper plate. It just doesn’t have the same effect. So this season we teamed up with photographer Gray Malin to show you how to create picture-perfect gifts. This is our guide to presents with presence.

STEP ONE: Pick your paper

Start with a good base. Thinner paper rips and crumples more easily, making wrapping difficult. Get a selection of wrapping paper in complimentary colors and patterns along with a neutral paper so you can have pretty mix of presents under the tree.

We paired photographer Gray Malin’s new line of ski-themed papers with a brown craft paper for a rustic yet modern look.

STEP TWO: Measure once and then measure again

Place your box lined up squarely with the edge of the wrapping paper and then roll it along until you determine the full amount needed to cover the present. Allow a little extra, then cut. We like using wrapping paper that has helpfully printed lines on the opposite site to guide your scissors and ensure a straight cut.

STEP THREE: Start taping

Crease either side of the paper to make a clean flat line, folding each end inwards and taping to ensure a tight fit. Now this is the tricky part: You’ll want to fold either corner in to create two triangles on either side of the gift. Check out our How To video for an illustration. Crease those triangles and then fold them to meet one another, taping in the center (or beneath with double-sided tape if you’re feeling fancy).

STEP FOUR: Top with twine or ribbon

Now comes the fun part!  Have a mix of ribbons on hand, from wide, wired ribbons for big, statement bows to simple colored twines.

STEP FIVE: Add flair

Get creative with additional decorations. Consider tying a spring of holly or pine to the bow. Or use delicate ornaments as a festive topper. Now place your pretty parcels under the tree and pour yourself some egg nog. You earned it.

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