Go Inside Rachel Zoe’s Glamorous New Pop-up Shop

By: Sarah Beaumont

February 25, 2016

Rachel Zoe, designer, stylist, reality TV star, writer, businesswoman, and all around fashion monarch is somewhat of an enigma. Her extensive repertoire is one of the most far-reaching in the fashion industry and after nearly two decades in the business, her incredible influence continues to grow.

While plenty of hard work, a skillful eye for style, and a long inventory of A-list clients definitely contributes to her renowned status, her success largely seems due to her uncanny ability to know how to be in exactly the right place at exactly the right time. When TV began crowning creative professionals as lifestyle icons, Rachel turned her life as a celeb stylist into the reality series, The Rachel Zoe Project, garnering a cult following of fashion fanatics and avid Bravo-watchers. When blogs and online news sources began to gain major headway as credible editorial material, she founded “The Zoe Report,” and started sharing her wealth of fashion knowledge with people everywhere.

Now as designer brands are rediscovering the allure of high-profile brick-and-mortar stores, she has ventured into the world of e-commerce with a collection that captures the essence of her effortless style, and a pop-up shop at the Grove in Los Angeles to show it off.

Go Inside Rachel Zoe’s Glamorous New Pop-up Shop, Laurel & Wolf, LW_RachelZoe_1

Photo by Dustin Walker

Laurel & Wolf designer Lucinda Pace’s glam aesthetic perfectly parallels the chic mix of 1920s and ‘70s-inspired silhouettes of Rachel’s newest designs. Lucinda imbued the space with minimal decor and a neutral, yet glamorous palette that serves as a perfect complement to the styles on display. Inspired by the line, the pop-up is curated to give shoppers the opportunity to interact with the designs through an experience that is wholly reflective of Rachel’s exquisite tastes.

Go Inside Rachel Zoe’s Glamorous New Pop-up Shop, Laurel & Wolf, LW_RachelZoe_02

Photo by Dustin Walker

A custom Snapchat filter for the pop-up shop declares one of Rachel’s token phrases — “OMG, it’s everything!” From a Deco-style etagere reminiscent of one of Rachel’s chunky bangles to rows of timeless ready-to-wear pieces, the space certainly is representative of all things Rachel Zoe. For the first time ever, her clothes are available beyond the department store, and have simultaneously entered the sphere of e-commerce and retail.

Just last week, she presented her Fall 2016 collection at New York Fashion Week, which was met with a whirlwind of outstanding reviews proclaiming that her usual laid-back style has graduated to become a sophisticated version of the boho-chic look she’s famous for. The bright, open space of the pop-up is indeed reflective of her arrival into a more refined point in her career.

Go Inside Rachel Zoe’s Glamorous New Pop-up Shop, Laurel & Wolf, LW_RachelZoe_3

Photo by Dustin Walker

Taking advantage of the whitewashed brick walls and distressed wood floors in the space, Lucinda enhanced the effortless appeal and glamorous vibes of the brand with the inclusion of ivory-toned chevron rugs, lacquered surfaces, and lucite accents.

Go Inside Rachel Zoe’s Glamorous New Pop-up Shop, Laurel & Wolf, LW_RachelZoe_04

Photo by Dustin Walker

The space feels fresh and lively — crisp bamboo sticks and other botanicals flank mirrors and clothing racks, while metallic tabletops and gilded details complement the gorgeous gold jewelry and accessories. Although the space is minimal, it is far from boring. The combination of jagged edges, clean lines, and winter whites gives the shop an edge that creates the perfect backdrop for a collection composed of both subtle shades and bold pops of color.

Go Inside Rachel Zoe’s Glamorous New Pop-up Shop, Laurel & Wolf, LW_RachelZoe_5

Photo by Dustin Walker

Rachel wanted the pop-up to feel like a physical embodiment of the ‘Rachel Zoe lifestyle’ rather than just a store. “We want our shoppers to feel a sense of calm when they walk through the doors,” Rachel explains. An essential part of the design is a cozy lounge area where shoppers and their companions can relax. A Chesterfield sofa lined with gold accents, lush fur pillows, and custom geometric marble tables completes the calming ambiance within the space.

Go Inside Rachel Zoe’s Glamorous New Pop-up Shop, Laurel & Wolf, LW_RachelZoe_6

Photo by Dustin Walker

True to Rachel Zoe fashion, her venture into e-commerce and stand-alone retail is simply the newest iteration of her constantly evolving brand. “The digital world has changed the landscape of both fashion and interior design. It has made things much more accessible and efficient — it lends itself to creativity and convenience all in one.”

Rachel has valued the opportunities that technology has presented throughout her career, and its rapid development has helped her seamlessly transition from stylist and television personality to credible designer. Part of her intrigue and mystery is her ability to gain mass appeal without sacrificing respectability, which is no easy feat in the fashion industry. Rachel knows what her audience wants and she brings them along as she sets her sights on each new enterprise. Whether a home decor line or a series of permanent stores lie in her future, wherever Rachel’s brand goes next, we can guarantee it will be a high-styled success.

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