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Guest Bedroom Tips for the Holidays

By: Casey Gerber

November 3, 2014

Have your in-laws staying over for the holiday? Does your guest room look more like hoarder hell than a heavenly oasis? Laurel & Wolf has a few tips on how to #getyourdesignon and impress your guests!

From Prosecco To Plaid

1. A well-made bed is the most important thing you can provide to your guest. Bed linens should be freshly laundered and firmly tucked and always provide 2-3 pillows of varying firmness and an extra blanket to ensure a comfortable night’s sleep.

2. A small array of fresh cut flowers on the bureau or nightstand not only makes a room smell great, it let’s your guest know their stay is important to you and you’re glad to be hosting them.

Hamptons Magazine Guest Robe

3. Be sure to have a large bath towel, hand towel and wash cloth set out on the bed or in the bathroom your guest will be using. A comfy robe for your guest to use during their stay is also nice to provide, especially if the bathroom they will be using is not en suite to the guest room.

4. A small carafe and glasses or bottles of water should be set on the nightstand or dresser. Adding some individually wrapped granola bars and/or chocolates is a nice touch. 

Ghurka Folding Valet Tray

5. A catch-all tray or basket on the bureau provides a specific place for your guest’s small personal belongings. It’s helpful to have a designated place for keys, jewelry, mobile, etc.

6. Place a box of kleenex by the bed, disposable guest towels by the sink and a box of bar soap in the shower. You may want to provide small basket of additional toiletries such as a disposable razor, toothbrush, shampoo/conditioner, advil, etc.

7. Provide a space for your guests to place their belongings during their stay. The closet/wardrobe should be clear in addition to the dresser drawers. Provide 6-8 hangers per guest and a place for them to store their luggage, whether that be a clear space in a closet or a folding luggage rack. 

8. Some reading material on the bureau is nice to provide, especially if there is not a television in the room. A couple of coffee table books and a magazine will be very appreciated.

Todays Creative Blog Wifi Password Sign

9. Anticipate what questions your guest may have during their stay. Provide a small card with your wifi password, instructions for operating the television/remote, addresses of your local recommendations, etc.

10. A universal charger is also a good idea; we’ve all forgotten this at least once. Save your guest the hassle of having to purchase a new cord or ask to borrow your own.

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