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7 Ways to Hide Your TV

By: Casey Gerber

February 3, 2014

Via CDN Fresh Home

We appreciate a good Netflix binge just as much as the next person, but that doesn’t mean our televisions should take center stage either. But don’t worry – you don’t have to ditch your screen to save your style.

Whether you have a screening room dedicated to your favorite flicks, or a bedroom that doubles as a home theater, there are some seriously clever ways to camouflage this major design eyesore. Keep the focus on the show rather than tangled cords, routers, and cable boxes with these fun and stylish concealment tricks.

Sliding Art
On the left, bold, red cushions and table and the large-scale monochrome artwork act as focal points in the living room. On the right, a beige sectional sofa and wooden coffee table are paired harmoniously.

via Houzz

James Bond would totally have this clever contraption in his home. Just find a piece of large-scale, monochrome artwork bigger than your TV and mount it on a track system. Bold, red cushions and table can seize the attention of your guests too. Ta-da!

Secret Wall

This isn’t your average closet door. If you want to take this storage space up a notch, opt for a sliding panel that glides on ceiling tracks. You can even change the pespective of the space depending on the area you choose to expose or keep hidden.

Hanging TV Cabinets

Mounted wall cabinets do double time by hiding your TV and functioning as decorative wall art. Small space woes? Go with mirrored cabinet doors in order to make your space feel a bit bigger.

Strategic Wall Art

We all love a good gallery wall, especially when it’s multi-functional. Place art around your TV to distract the eye away from the tube. Not only will this help steer the attention away from the electronics occupying the area, but it will also help you fill that stark wall.

Barn Doors
Whether they are polished white or dark, distressed wood, sliding barn doors can be rustic, doting additions to a space.

via Houzz

Customizable in both size and finish, sliding barn doors add a rustic, lived-in vibe to any space. And with their thick, wooden doors, they expertly conceal that old TV.

World Map

A vintage world map adds a layer of eclecticism to your living room or bedroom. Instead of being sucked into another round of Netflix originals, transport yourself abroad by concealing that unsightly TV.


A classic armoire is a great option if you want to hide bulky electronics. Plus, it provides extra storage space for random objects that are lying around the house.

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