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Home School: How to Make Your Plants at Home with The Sill

By: Casey Gerber

January 31, 2017

Just when you thought you were off the hook for any more new year’s resolutions, we’re adding a couple extra to your plate. But unlike eating healthy, working out, or saving money, these resolutions are a bit more fun to keep. Enter: Home School with Laurel & Wolf.

We’re teaming up with three of our favorite lifestyle brands to show you how to make the most out of hanging out at home! Up next, The Sill — the one stop shop for all of your plant needs.

Home School: How to Make Your  Plants at Home with The Sill

Though The Sill usually does the dirty work for you, we thought we’d give our green thumbs a go and learn how to pot a plant properly. Using their expert insight, we put together this video to show you how to do it yourself, and then how to find the ideal location for your plants afterwards. Spoiler alert: not all plants have the same sunny disposition. Check out our how-to video here!

Like what you see? Enter for a chance to win a Laurel & Wolf Interior Design Package and a $100 Gift Card to The Sill, so that you can bring more of the outdoors in each day! Head over to Instagram to enter.

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