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For Such a Grumpy Cat, This is One Happy Home

By: Sarah Beaumont

October 29, 2016

Some say he’s a gentleman and a scholar. Others claim that he’s 99 purrcent devil. We’ve heard that his fur is insured for $10,000. But if anything is true about long-haired Persian feline Descartes Wetterau, it’s that being the most beautiful creature in the room is exhausting.

Regally surveying the unwashed masses from his windowsill perch in Santa Monica, California, has left him with an unshakeable sense of malaise. So owner Olivia called upon Laurel & Wolf to create a happy room for this grumpy cat in honor of National Cat Day.

Since Descartes is the kingpin of intellectual aristocats, designer Ashley Bussell set out to create a space worthy of his regal presence. She selected luxe materials like velvet, gold and Lucite, backed by palm print wallpaper reminiscent of his favorite Beverly Hills haunts. Mouse taxidermy lit by a golden Sputnik chandelier remind all visitors who’s boss. And his pretty paws get the royal treatment with a high-pile Moroccan-inspired rug.

This grumpy cat’s happy space is this Prussian blue, velvet chesterfield sofa.

Although Descartes expressed his distaste for some of the bolder design elements (he prefers solids over patterns and is no fan of embroidery), he readily lounged upon the velvet chesterfield. We later learned this was solely because the sofa’s color almost matches his favorite hue – a weathered, Prussian blue.

Though he maintains that his fur is much softer than that of the sheepskin throw, he cannot deny that it will offer an extra layer of softness on days when he feels particularly lazy and chooses to watch his beloved slide projections of the rustic Polish countryside. Or, as much as he hates to admit it, tunes in for an episode of his guiltiest pleasure, Everybody Loves Raymond.

Symmetry keeps this eclectic contemporary space balanced and coordinated.

While most cats only require the simple things in life—a scratching post, a human to feed them, and a few soft, dark places to nap—Descartes is not your average furball. There are two things this aristocat hates most in the world – illiteracy and the false feline stereotypes set forth by the Jim Davis comic strip, “Garfield.” Therefore, the main requirements for Descartes’ cat castle were a minimal surface to set his precious books upon and a reliable reading lamp.

Whether he’s lying on his velvet throne, sticking his whiskers into a light read like Niccolo Machiavelli’s The Prince or meditating on the philosophical convictions of his hero, Rene Descartes’, this proper pussycat gives his new happy place a hiss of approval. We think that’s his way of saying it’s the cat’s meow.

The adorable red-pink cushion with hearts brightens even the grumpy cat’s mood.

Photos by Dustin Walker. Designed by Ashley Bussel.

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