Home Tour: A Designer’s Sunny SoCal Spot

By: Casey Gerber

March 8, 2017

Interior Designer Gwendolyn Gibbish hit the LA real estate jackpot when she discovered her quaint, yet character-filled home nestled in the hills of Glendale. “We were desperately searching for a home to purchase before our first son was born, which in the LA market is a tough thing to do on a time crunch! We’ve always loved this low-key, quiet family neighborhood and found this perfect Cape Cod-style house that wasn’t a flip,” says Gwendolyn.

So with an offer letter and a handwritten note to the previous owners, Gwendolyn and her husband sealed the deal, welcoming both a baby boy and fresh new digs to call their own.

Home Tour: A Designer’s Sunny SoCal Spot, Laurel & Wolf,

And as most mothers know, the last thing you want to deal with in between sleepless nights and round-the-clock breast feeding is a remodel. Well, interior designers are no different. Thankfully, Gwendolyn’s home came with all the bells and whistles the young family was looking for.

“It’s been well cared for and has great character that we wouldn’t dare erase,” gushes Gwendolyn about her boho abode. Rich wooden flooring and wall panels speak to the home’s traditional nature, while rattan furniture and moroccan textiles represent Gwendolyn’s eclectic style.

Home Tour: A Designer’s Sunny SoCal Spot, Laurel & Wolf,

Fast-forward four years and two kids later, Gwendolyn’s home continues to evolve to fit the needs of her growing family. “My biggest design challenge has been creating a pretty space while keeping the kids’ items in check. We don’t have a ton of space, so we have to be smart about what we have and where we keep it,” she says. This means incorporating pieces that are both functional AND fashionable, like a slew of vintage woven baskets and a turquoise credenza with plenty of storage.

Home Tour: A Designer’s Sunny SoCal Spot, Laurel & Wolf,

And as you might imagine, managing a household and running a busy interior design business from home doesn’t leave much room for relaxation. Gwendolyn admits that she didn’t anticipate the amount of “stuff” that two tiny humans require. “On a daily basis you have to overlook all the messes they make. At night, it all gets tucked away and there’s a bit of peace. It definitely makes you appreciate quiet time more,” says Gwendolyn.

Home Tour: A Designer’s Sunny SoCal Spot, Laurel & Wolf,

So where does the interior designer go when she finally gets a moment to herself? Well, after she’s done exploring estate sales and flea markets over the weekend, she posts up and enjoys her beautiful, boho surroundings.

“My favorite view is from the sofa looking into the dining area where you see the great brass fixture up against the teal credenza and all the pretty things around it,” says Gwendolyn.

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