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Home Tour: Inside An Outrageously Glam Live/Work Space in Los Angeles

By: Sarah Beaumont

August 30, 2017

For many, working from home is a constant battle between household distractions and actually getting work done. But for Ashley Villa, an attorney-turned-entrepreneur, home is where projects see completion. After leaving her in-house legal job in 2015, Ashley launched her own talent management company, Rare Global, which offers digital media contracts, strategic relationships, and brand management to high-profile YouTube stars. Her most recent endeavor? Designing a new domain to function as both her company’s office and her personal living space.

“I currently run my talent management agency from home, and my junior manager and assistant work with me every day; so desks, chairs, and office decor needed to be integrated into the living room design,” Ashley says. With a demanding job in a very public sphere, the space needed to represent the boutique services Rare offers. And seeing as Ashley is no stranger to the digital realm, she wanted to use a service that’s also forward thinking and digital. Enter Laurel & Wolf designer Chaney Widmer of Mix & Match Design Company.

Home Tour: Inside An Outrageously Glam Live/Work Space in Los Angeles

Ashley’s living room/office style board, by Mix & Match Design Company.

Ashley’s large, modern condo in Los Angeles was the perfect backdrop for a trendy live/work space. But since it’s a place for both business and relaxation, it was especially important for Chaney to take its multiple uses into consideration. “The living room needed to be a balance between a cozy, artful space for entertaining, as well as a stylish, functional office space,” Ashley says. “I wanted each room to feel mature and confident while matching the modern vibe of my condo.”

In this contemporary feminine office with pristine symmetry, a millennial pink faux-fur stool and desk chairs match the neon pink artwork hanging on the wall.

Chaney implemented all of Ashley’s design requirements by separating the living room into two parts. A row of desks and office supplies sit against a pair of tall windows while comfortable furniture floats in the center of the room. “We needed desk space for a growing business so we ended up keeping my huge white desk from Z Gallerie, then adding two more, one on each side—lined up and balanced. This allows me [and my associates] to sit next to each other in constant and close communication. We aren’t divided by anything; a great metaphor,” Ashley explains.

Despite the living room’s cross-functionality, nothing looks out of place and the space certainly doesn’t resemble your average office. Chaney helped create flow between each area by using a cohesive light pink and neutral color scheme. “My style is a mix of femininity and function,” says Ashley. “There are soft, lush textures; comfortable yet prominent pieces of furniture; playful pastels and gold accessories to tie everything together.”

The feminine touches of blush pink in the desk chair, faux-fur stool, vases, and tray make this contemporary office lovely and chic. The jewel tone pouf stands out in contrast to the light gray area rug and white walls.

“We could have used one of the guest rooms as an office, but I really enjoy the openness and light in my living room. It’s bright and airy yet intimate at the same time,” Ashley says. The same light, airy and ultra-glam style carries into Ashley’s bedroom, where Chaney incorporated glossy pink fabrics, luxe textures, and mirrored surfaces. The space is a cozy place for Ashley and her dog Mochi to retreat to after a long day of work.

White and pink beddings are paired with a zebra print throw pillow on the left. On the right, a shiny metallic vanity is equipped with a large mirror adorned with light bulbs.

“Since I’ve moved into this new condo, I work A LOT MORE, but a lot more happily,” Ashley says. The space provides a sense of balance and comfort in the midst of Ashley’s busy life. Whether she’s using the room to play YouTube videos for clients or cuddling up on the couch, watching Game of Thrones with her dog and boyfriend, the design serves its many purposes and serves them well.

In this cozy contemporary office, feminine blush pink hues can be found in the throw pillows, faux-fur stools, tray, desk chairs, and vases. A delicate chandelier exudes serious glam and elegance in this chic live and work space.

“It’s a high-demand, on-the-go lifestyle that also requires certain comforts to keep you happy, healthy, and sane,” Ashley says of her career. “A beautiful home and posh office space are both my haven and my inspiration.”

Photos by Bethany Nauert


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