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Home Tour: A Pattern-Packed Nursery in NYC

By: Sarah Beaumont

May 10, 2017

When Ashley Gensler founded custom home furnishings brand Loom Decor, it was her one and only baby. “I decided to open Loom to make the gorgeous fabrics & custom textiles typically only available through high-end showrooms, accessible to the everyday homeowner and the designers that serve them,” Ashley says.

With an MBA and a passion for interiors, she launched the company in Brooklyn, NY. The five year old company has been thriving, but it’s not Ashley’s only child anymore. Now son Teddy and daughter Harriet have joined the family.

“A different side of me comes out when I’m with my kids,” Ashley says. “I’m more of the gentle, casual mom as opposed to the type-A, career driven woman that drives my business.”

Home Tour: A Pattern-Packed Nursery in NYC

But just because she strives to set boundaries between her family and work life, doesn’t mean she can’t find ways to merge her two loves as well. Becoming pregnant with her second child presented Ashley both with a new beginning for her family and an opportunity to design.

“Because I’m really busy, I wanted some assistance with the nursery,” Ashley says. “I think even people who love design can benefit from another eye – someone who looks at the room differently, provides alternate layouts, and moves the design process forward. That’s why I chose to work with Laurel & Wolf.”

Home Tour: A Pattern-Packed Nursery in NYC

Just as Laurel & Wolf brings interior design to a broader audience, Loom aims to bring designer textiles from custom window treatments to pillows into more homes. The collaboration was an ideal fit.

“I have a modern aesthetic, but with a kind of funky, colorful edge to it. I tend to use a lot of patterns paired with clean lines and mid-century modern furniture, so that’s partially what I wanted for Teddy’s room,” Ashley says.

Home Tour: A Pattern-Packed Nursery in NYC

The room concept she received from Laurel & Wolf designer Maria DeLucia was spot on, filled with cool, blue and green tones that Ashley felt a little pattern would punctuate perfectly.

“I wanted something that was fun and playful and appropriate for a little boy’s nursery, but also that would grow with him into a toddler,” says Ashley.

With that idea in mind, she worked with Maria to incorporate a whimsical, storybook theme into the room.

“The place cards from my wedding were all little watercolor paintings I did of different scenes from fantasy stories my husband and I love. They were my inspiration for the room. From there, I picked out a variety of Loom fabrics that I thought fit the same aesthetic,” Ashley says.

Since the nursery is visible from the living room, Ashley wanted the color palette to blend seamlessly with the navy, teal, and chartreuse hues in the rest of the home. She selected a central fabric to harmonize with the space’s colors and whimsical theme, deciding that the drapery would be the grounding element in the room. “Window treatments are a big part of what we do, so I really wanted those to be a major focal point.”

Covered in pictures of rolling green hills, the pattern-splashed drapery—which repeats itself on the crib’s bed skirt—acts a bit like a wallpaper, adding a funky yet sophisticated edge to the room. The rest of the chosen fabrics in the space were a combined effort between Ashley and Maria (all from Loom Decor, of course).

Though Ashley was specific about showing off particular Loom textiles in the space, she appreciated being able to forfeit control over the rest of the design, allowing Maria to do her thing.

Home Tour: A Pattern-Packed Nursery in NYC

“I’m so glad I was able to work with her [Maria] because I would never have thought to pair things like a zebra print rug with the already pretty wild drapery,” Ashley says. “After the patterns and colors were selected, the design morphed into a more contemporary look with electric colors, an edgy light fixture, and a few black elements like the modern mobile that hangs above his crib.”

Apart from its sophisticated, whimsical theme, the room is built for function. A wall of rail shelves start low to the ground, so Teddy can reach his own books when he gets big enough.

Home Tour: A Pattern-Packed Nursery in NYC

“We’re trying to raise our kids to be really independent,” Ashley says. “For example, as my daughter grew older, it was really important that she could reach her own things. I wanted the same for my son, that’s why we placed the shelves so low and installed pegs where he’ll eventually be able to hang his coat himself.”

Home Tour: A Pattern-Packed Nursery in NYC

Although the nursery feels serene and sophisticated, it’s definitely a kid-friendly zone. With its bright tones and eye-popping patterns, it’s the kind of room that Teddy can grow into as he grows from cuddly infant to a big kid that can reach his own coat and books, and beyond.

Home Tour: A Pattern-Packed Nursery in NYC

1. Rooftop Garden – Posy Green Fabric / 2. Tribeca Leonard 5-Light Sputnik Chandelier / 3. Flensted Mobiles Kite Mobile / 4. Stenciled Brazilian Cowhide Zebra Rug / 5. Green Watercolor Trellis Pillow / 6. Citron Faux Bois Velvet Pillow / 7. Scoot 3-in-1 Convertible Crib

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