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A Ruff Home Makeover in Honor of National Dog Day

By: Casey Gerber

August 25, 2016

He doesn’t talk. He bites when he’s mad. And man, can he destroy a sofa. Our latest design client was no walk in the park. But he ended up being one of our all-time favorites. Who is he?

Meet Pablo — a Maltese Mix from the mean streets of Los Angeles. What he lacks in breeding, he more than makes up for in swagger. And, while he may look sweet, he’s got serious bark. When he isn’t chatting up maltipoos at the dog park, you’ll find him buried in his books, studying the art of potty-training and postmodern philosophy. Though his sense of style is still evolving, he’s got a soft spot for for pop art, priceless European antiques and vintage portraiture.

This Maltese pup’s safe haven is adorned with a faux-fur throw and eclectic artworks.

In honor of National Dog Day, interior designer (and dog whisperer) James Tabb decided to ditch the idea of incorporating pet elements into the home and instead make an entire home, just for Pablo.  “I really wanted to create a space with a sense of history and sophistication, unparalleled in pooch-dom,” says James. With his vision in mind, James created custom furniture pieces, perfectly sized to fit Pablo’s needs.

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At first, Pablo wasn’t on board with his designer’s sophisticated vision, sleeping through the consultation. But after the install, he showed his satisfaction by marking his territory all over the antique Turkish rug.

“Due to Pablo’s Deuteranopia condition, it was a struggle to incorporate color into the design. Also, finding pieces that wouldn’t compete with his cuteness was one of his major concerns,” says James.
Shades of indigo can be found in the flowy bed curtains, throw pillows, head board, and floral decor piece.

When it comes to the design of Pablo’s master bedroom, “All bark and no bite” couldn’t be further from the truth. According to James, “Pablo wanted to create a bedroom that was grand, yet calming. The indigo textiles achieve this by adding layers of texture, while remaining soft and inviting. The grand, four-poster bed is softened with casual drapery and a caned-front nightstand.”

Even this pup can appreciate an eclectic resting space with framed wall art, a patterned rug, faux-fur throw, and dog sculptures.

While most dogs don’t need their own library, “most dogs” aren’t Pablo. To give his client a space for his weighty tomes, James designed a multipurpose space that satisfies Pablo’s love for both reading and frequent snooze sessions. “Pablo is an avid reader with a penchant for afternoon naps. It was only natural, then, to include a Perriand-style daybed for his library,” says James. James constructed the piece from white oak and fine Belgian linen.

This puppy’s miniature dining scene is complete with pop art, a black wall sconce, and delicate ceramics.

In the dining room, a pop-art pug painting speaks to Pablo’s wild side, while the farmhouse table and chairs add a mature, rustic tone to the space. “During dinner, Pablo likes to focus on the meal at hand, which leaves little room for extraneous decor. We selected two iconic pieces to really make a statement: a Warhol-inspired painting accented by a Prouvé-style jib lamp,” says James.

What does the pup think of his new digs? “The process was ruff but I give it one leg up,” Pablo barked.


Photography by Dustin Walker. Design by James Tabb. 



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