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How Many Of These 7 Essentials Do You Have On Your Vanity?

By: Casey Gerber

February 12, 2014

1.  Decorative Tray


Every woman should have a decorative tray to house the endless elixirs, perfumes, products and lotions that we all have strewn about our countertops. Try a mirrored tray for a bit of glam and romance or go for a fun and funky vibe with a lacquered tray in a bright color. 

2.  Fresh Flowers


Nothing makes me feel better than seeing lovely fresh flowers sitting on my vanity. As women, we spend a lot of time doing our hair and makeup so we might as well make our vanities as beautiful as the rest of the house!

3.  Rolled Up Hand Towels


One can never have too many towels on hand while getting ready! Make your home feel as luxurious as your favorite hotel by laying out hand towels on a tray or keeping them nearby in a small decorative basket.

4.  Jewelry Box


There is something wonderful about having your sparkly baubles nearby and easy to see. Contemplate how you will accessorize while doing your makeup! The sparkle and color of your jewelry acts as a fun decorative accent on your vanity.

5.  Make-Up Brush Holder


Time to stop digging around your makeup bag for those brushes. Get creative and select a fun containers for your brushes. Try a mason jar with a ribbon, a mirrored cup, an antique silver piece, or a fun colored highball glass.

6.  Pretty Containers For Q-Tips and Cotton Balls


No reason to hide these important primping tools under the counter or have them floating about in a drawer! Select interesting or unusual containers that match your style and place them together in a group on your vanity. Ebay or Etsy are great places to find unique items!

7.  Scented Candles


Set the mood for yourself before heading out that hot date by lighting an elegant scented candle. Select one that matches the colors of your bathroom and is in a fun decorative glass container.

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