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How to Design a Fool-Proof Pillow Assortment

By: Casey Gerber

September 2, 2015

Let’s Face it—Your neutral sofa can be a major bore. When it comes to choosing decorative pillows and throws for your couch, opt for bold patterns, bright colors, and cozy textures that will add a level of dimension to your space. Forget printed inspirational clichés like “Live, Love, Laugh” and easily achieve the same personalized touch with these next-level decorative additions.

Follow our guide to creating a fool-proof pillow assortment for your sofa.

1. Think Big.


The best ideas are born big. Start with 22″ to 24″ square pillows on the outside and work your way in, getting smaller and more oblong as you reach the middle. When choosing decorative pillows, don’t shy away from texture. Turn your design up a notch with bright, furry options like these.

2. Tie it all together with solids.


When creating a fluid assortment, always make sure to ground the design in solids. Depending on the size and shape of your couch (straight versus sectional), go with sets of two or three. Similar to the way in which we choose what frame to pair with our favorite piece of art, pull in complementary colors based on your overall design. Classic colors like these will help to keep the design fresh season over season, and will allow you to mix and match with future pillow purchases.

3. Contrast is key.

When working with a brown couch, adding contrast and dimension is a must. Bright ivory pillows help create a freshness that you would not be able to achieve otherwise.

4. The design is in the details.




Know those people who have designed their entire house around a single piece of furniture? Well, we are those people. Often times, the best pillow assortments start with the need to incorporate a “to-die-for” print or pattern into the mix. For the final touch, go for oblong shapes and odd sizes.

5. And voila!


6. Check out more Laurel & Wolf approved ways to play with pillows, here! 




xoxo, Laurel & Wolf

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