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How To Transform Your Rental Without Losing Your Deposit

By: Olivia Bae

August 9, 2017

Photo by Dustin Walker

Attention all renters: a home is a home, no matter if you own it or not! And whether you live in a sprawling estate or on your friend’s couch, you deserve to thrive somewhere that’s uniquely yours. While it’s easy to think that decorating your temporary abode is out of the question (or solely up to your landlord), there’s plenty of clever ways to personalize your space and make it home.

Since beautifying your rental and losing your security deposit often go hand-in-hand, here’s how you can spruce up your space and stay off your landlord’s naughty list.

Tip #1: Consider Removable Wallpaper 
How To Transform Your Rental Without Losing Your Deposit

Images via Laurel & Wolf

Embellishing your apartment’s stark, white walls has never been easier. With self-adhesive wallpaper, you can skip the messy paint job (plus the awkward confrontation with your landlord) and add statement-making designs onto the walls of your space. Bonus points for making a statement without creating nail holes for art.

Tip #2: Switch Out Boring Light Fixtures 
In this pink contemporary bedroom, table lamps placed on each side of the bed create a clean, symmetrical look. The wooden bedside drawers double as tables and storage options.

If there’s one thing that gives a space away as a rental, it’s the boring old light fixtures. If your space is equipped with a standard light fixture that’s purely functional (and rather tasteless), don’t be afraid to switch it out. “Pick the location with the most impact and add a hanging fixture that you love such as a pretty chandelier or chic pendant lights,” says interior designer Lori Evans. “Most home improvement centers have tutorials, and you can switch it back just before you move out.”

Tip #3: Add Drapery For A Custom Look 
Flowy, luxe curtains with floral prints enhance the pink throw pillow and floral wallpaper.

Let’s be honest. The white vertical blinds that can be found in almost every rental could use a serious revamp. Swap out those basic window blinds with beautiful, luxe draperies or curtains that reflect your style and elevate the level of sophistication in your home.

Tip #4: Grace Your Floors With Rugs

Stuck with old wall to wall carpeting? Damaged hardwood floors? Cover it up (and help tie your room together) with a large area rug.

Tip #5: Bring in Color & Layer

Apartment living doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice your design aesthetic or love for art. “To avoid unnecessary holes, layer art on a console instead of a gallery wall,” says interior designer Amanda Dixon. And thankfully, layering art on a console table, drawer, or even on the floor is totally on-trend right now! “Don’t forget to add splashes of color with decorative pillows, throws, and accent pieces too,” says interior designer Juliette Calaf.

How To Transform Your Rental Without Losing Your Deposit
Create the perfect feminine and warm bedroom scene with a beautiful accent wall of flowers, a striking pendant light fixture, luxurious drapery, and a soft area rug.
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