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IKEA Opens a Design Museum

By: Sarah Beaumont

June 29, 2016

You heard us correctly. Everyone’s favorite affordable furniture giant is making moves to the museum. But this isn’t just any exhibition. The IKEA Museum, which opened June 30 in Älmhult, Sweden, traces the company’s successful history in home décor with seven decades’ worth of designs on display. The main exhibition gives visitors the inside scoop on the story behind the Swedish furniture powerhouse, as well as an exclusive look at some of its best-selling products through the ages—get ready to see the iconic Klippan sofa in all its retro glory.

There are period rooms filled with vintage furniture from the 1950’s forward, a temporary installation focused on life in and around the kitchen, and of course, a restaurant to satisfy all your Swedish meatball cravings. Here’s the catch: The museum is in the very building that housed the first-ever IKEA store, which means you’ll have to make a quick trip to Sweden to see the collection. Until then, you can get your fill with images of some of the old-school IKEA items and artifacts showcased at the museum in our slideshow here.

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