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Under $50 Finds to Transform Your Space

By: Sarah Beaumont

August 24, 2017

Sometimes it’s okay to act on impulse. We do it all the time when we grab happy hour drinks or go to the grocery store, so why not when buying home goods? We get it. Home goods are typically a lot more expensive than your average drink, but they’re also a lot more permanent. Sometimes one little item is all it takes to add major personality to your space. So next time you’re going out to dinner, you might want to consider what 50 bucks will buy you instead. From coasters to wall art, these design buys are affordable and transformative. So go ahead, let your impulses take your home to new heights.


Trendy Touches

There’s nothing cooler than a plant against pink, especially if it’s in the form of a framed print on your wall. Add a sheepskin throw into the mix and your space will be Pinterest-worthy in moments.


Inspired by global travel, this supremely chic, easy-to-care for rug will bring a touch of eclecticism to your hall.

Glow Up

Brighten your home with these understated accent lights.

Cozy Textures

No sofa or lounge chair is complete without a snug throw blanket and pillow. Cozy up with these texture-adding essentials.

Potted Accents

Haven’t you heard? Pottery is trending big time. Opt for a simple, geometric vase in a natural concrete wash and give your shelf or dining table a major touch of style.

Coffee Table Toppers

Despite their name, coffee tables serve a much larger purpose than simply holding coffee cups. Enhance yours with gold and white coasters and catch-all trays to set keys and other small items.

Office Essentials

Office supplies can be as bland or as exciting as you want them to be. A gold paperweight adds a touch of glam to a desk while a leather wall organizer removes paper clutter from your work space.

Bookish Accessories

For just $15, you can top your books off with a bird. Or keep your rows of reading materials pretty and organized with a set of agate bookends.

Linen Love

Never underestimate the importance of a good set of white towels. Your body and your bathroom will thank you.

Retro Looks

Bring a pop of color and a bit of retro appeal to your space with these mid-century modern inspired accessories.

Refined Tastes

Have a bar cart that’s looking a little sparse? This clear-headed skull holds your favorite party beverage while entertaining guests with its slightly eerie presence. Make a timely presentation with an hourglass.


Tasteful Trinkets

Every space needs a few eclectic trinkets for character. Give these as gifts or keep them for your own shelves.


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