How to Incorporate Kids’ Artwork Into the Home

By: Sarah Beaumont

February 21, 2017

There’s no denying that kids do a lot of adorable things. But the plethora of art projects they bring home from school? Well, those can get a little overwhelming. Are we supposed to display them all or store them in a box somewhere? Don’t get us wrong, we’re in full support of fostering our kid’s creative energy, but not everyone’s child is a natural-born Picasso.

So how do you show them you’re proud of their work while maintaining the high-style of your home? We collaborated with the experts at Framebridge to seamlessly blend original kid’s art with great design. Read on for effortless ways to make your kid’s work look like it belongs in a museum.

Create a Gallery Wall

Can you spot the kids’ artwork in this gallery wall? Hint, there are three pieces!

When you designate a wall for art in your home, you can easily swap out or add projects by your kids as they grow. The good news is, most kid art is pretty abstract and will therefore blend well in a gallery wall. Can you even differentiate the kid art from the actual pieces? Not so easy, huh?

Put It on a Pillow

How to Incorporate Kids’ Artwork Into the Home, Laurel & Wolf,

Scan in your little one’s scribbles and turn it into an abstract work. This munchkin’s rainbow stripe crayon drawing practically mimics a Missoni pattern, so we decided to take it to a new level by having it transformed into a custom pillow. Companies like Snapbox will create pillows and other personalized objects from a jpg or pdf.

Frame Your Favorites

How to Incorporate Kids’ Artwork Into the Home, Laurel & Wolf,

Whether it’s a poster or a museum print, frames have the power to elevate anything you put in them. And kid art is no different. Services like Framebridge are an easy way to elevate pieces, from your little one’s finger paintings to your oldest kid’s collages.

Layer, Layer, Layer

How to Incorporate Kids’ Artwork Into the Home, Laurel & Wolf,

Have your kids created a few sculptural masterpieces? Place them on shelves among other objects like books and accessories. The more stuff surrounding your kid’s work, the less juvenile and more purposeful it will look.


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