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The Incredibly Cool Design Homes of New Orleans

By: Sarah Beaumont

February 28, 2017

Photo via One Kings Lane

New Orleans is a place of many wonders. When you walk down its French-founded streets, you’re met with a euphoric blend of scents and sounds. Olive trees mingle with azaleas while sidewalk cafes tantalize tourists with the sweet smell of fresh-baked beignets. Somewhere near Bourbon Street, a jazz band’s deep, throbbing notes can be heard. It’s a mystifying city, one that leaves visitors charmed by its native magic.

And as a cultural melting pot, NOLA keeps a creative crowd of residents. Some who happen to have excellent, if not eccentric taste in design. From historic Louisiana mansions with French flair to wildly colorful spaces that reflect NOLA’s unique history, these are some of the best designed homes in the Big Easy.

An Eclectic & Layered Living Space

Just under a year ago, we helped bring food blogger and author, Joy the Baker’s bold spirit to life in her new NOLA home. Layered in sentimental antiques and pieces that nod to the city’s French heritage, this vibrant space is as warm and colorful as Joy’s cooking.

An Older Home Awakened with Color

Like most old New Orleans homes, this one comes with built-in character. To give it new life, the owner applied vivid coats of blue to multiple ceilings. An eclectic mash-up of art lines the walls while a wild mix of patterns and textures illuminate the pizazz of the city itself.

French Quarter Flair

This pied-á-terre represents undone elegance at its best. With exposed brick walls, old woods, and simple furnishings, the space achieves an urban charm and a taste of the past. Creole accents and lavish antiques give this duplex two sides of Big Easy style.

Modern Magic in a Historic Home

Sara Ruffin Costello, interior designer, former creative director of Domino, and a contributor to multiple publications, has a house that’s as varied as her career. Leaving the beautiful bones of her New Orleans, Italian Gothic stunner intact, she filled the space with a melange of modern furniture, eclectic collectibles, and antique accents. It’s polished, mischevious, formal, and fun all at the same time.

We mean… a ping-pong table in an elegant dining room? What could be cooler?

Artful Antiques and European Style

New Orleans tastemaker Tara Shaw’s bright, open home is like a gallery for her huge collection of European art and antiques. Formal and refined, but filled with character, this space is a palace of extraordinary style.

A Modernist Gem Among Antiquities

While most of New Orleans greatest design feats are rooted in history, architect Lee Ledbetter’s modern landmark home stands out against the surrounding stately Victorian manors.

A Decidedly Southern Showhouse
The Incredibly Cool Design Homes of New Orleans

via Curbed

This New Orleans showhouse illuminates Southern style. Boasting the collected, layered look of New Orleans, the space is a riot of color, pattern, antiques, and heirlooms, which all come together to create that quintessentially magical aesthetic of the Big Easy.

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