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Inside E! News Host, Catt Sadler’s Cali-Contemporary Living Room

By: Sarah Beaumont

February 15, 2017

As she glides around her light-filled Los Angeles living room, it’s abundantly clear that E! News host Catt Sadler has chosen the right profession. “Telling people’s stories has always been my passion. Believe it or not, being in front of the camera is my safe space,” she says.

But no matter how comfortable you are in front of the camera, every celeb needs a safe space to come home to. For some A-listers that may mean sweatpants, takeout and a big comfy couch. For Sadler that means a glam look more in line with her work as a tastemaker, TV personality and founder of style blog The CATTWALK.

Inside E! News Host, Catt Sadler’s Cali-Contemporary Living Room

“I already have a comfortable room where my sons and I spend most of our time as a family. But I really wanted to create an elevated, glamorous, and sophisticated space that felt more adult,” Catt says.

Sadler is a fashion expert, but the skills involved in putting together a killer outfit don’t always translate when it comes to designing a room. So Catt enlisted Laurel & Wolf designer Kimberly Winthrop to bring her sartorial savvy to life in the living room.

In this classic, contemporary living room, neutral sofas and chairs are paired with a chic glass table, fluffy ottomans, and a vintage piano.

Built in the late 1950’s, Catt’s California ranch house—with its wall-to-wall windows and mid-century-style pool area—provides the perfect backdrop for a classic yet contemporary vibe that’s both family-friendly and entertainment-ready.

“I think my personal style is warm and inviting, but also errs on the minimal side. I despise clutter or too much of anything. I don’t over accessorize when I get dressed, and I certainly don’t want too many knick-knacks in my home,” Catt says. “Less is more.”

These simple yet glamorous chairs are upgraded to the next level with elegant, creamy throw pillows.

With her minimal aesthetic in mind, Kimberly worked to create a design that blends sophisticated glamour with Catt’s more relaxed and humorous side. Lucite and gold pieces pop against the soft backdrop of Portola painted walls in neutral sea salt and dry ground shades. Mixing some of Catt’s existing pieces—like a luxe mid-century modern credenza—with new elements, Kimberly refreshed the room and made it more viable for entertaining.

A large, wooden credenza upholds two sitting lamps, illustrating symmetry. A framed photograph of a woman in the desert adds to the space’s tranquility.

“Kimberly was fantastic in making good use of the space in this room. She helped me figure out a more efficient plan for the furniture and found a way to incorporate pieces I’ve been eyeing for a while,” Catt says.

In this elegant and feminine living room, gold-tinted ottomans covered with faux fur and a gold-framed mirror add glamour to the space.

Though the space is soft and delicate by design, Kimberly included a few bolder elements. Vibrant art sits above Catt’s vintage piano while a captivating photograph of a California desert scene hangs over the credenza. A marble patterned fireplace makes a striking statement.

On the opposite side of the room, a mid-century chaise lounge—which Kimberly had reupholstered in blush velvet fabric—sits within a picture-window looking onto the front yard. “It’s divine,” Catt says. “I can’t seem to keep my dog Scarlett off of it, but she’s always had impeccable taste, so it makes sense.”

A mid-century chaise lounge reupholstered in blush velvet fabric complements the patterned, long curtains mounted above the windows.

The new space is light, airy, and supremely chic all at once. “I’ve tried to work on the house myself in the past and it can be so overwhelming trying to take on a job like this alone. Kimberly endlessly offered so many alternative options. It was like Christmas every time I opened my inbox,” she says.

A soft, white two-seat sofa is adorned with patterned throw pillows. On the right, an acrylic shelf houses vintage books, fresh tulips, and framed artworks.

The completed room possesses a special power that only a well-designed space can have. It’s become the social hub of the home, an area that seems to draw guests in. With its polished surfaces and comfortable seating, people ignore their phones and instead focus on the space and one another’s company.

Inside E! News Host, Catt Sadler’s Cali-Contemporary Living Room

“It’s a room to converse in,” Catt says. “It elicits a true feeling of visiting with other humans. Score!”

This contemporary living room’s neutral-toned furnishings and bright hardwood floors create a clean and serene look.

Designed by Kimberly Winthrop. Photos by Dustin Walker.

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