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Laurel Loves 7: Textured Artwork

By: Casey Gerber

July 10, 2015

If diamond’s are a girl’s best friend, then texture is a wall’s best friend. Add a little variety to your wall with our top 7 picks for textured artwork!

7. Lauren Packard, Form


via Minted

This lovely piece available on the Minted Art Marketplace explores form and texture through the layering of neutral tones and a variety of brush techniques. It’s simple and aesthetically pleasing- perfect for any wall.

6. Oliver Gal, Ox Brass

For any lover of southwestern style — this piece is for you. Striking layers of color emerge throughout the composition juxtaposed by a detailed etching of an ox skull. Pair it with a cowhide rug and you’ll be one stylish cowboy (or girl.)

5. Misty Hughes, Black Axis

via Minted

via Minted

It’s as if someone took a sponge and started wiping the darkness from this canvas. The light colors that materialize beneath are just understated enough to make this a subtle, yet powerful addition to your art collection.

4. Pascal Martin, Sans Titre

Collage is about as textured as you can get. Magazine cut-outs and coats of thick color make up the layers in this Dada-inspired work. Make a statement with this piece by letting it stand alone on a blank wall.

3. Lisa Tureson, Mandarin Coral

Add some serious brightness to your space with this pop of pastel. If you touched the canvas, you’d think you would feel the rough grooves of real coral, right?

2.  Matthew Stone, Trompe L’Oeil Reversal


via Artsy

The magic of trompe l’eoil! The paint in this mesmerizing work looks like it’s floating right off the canvas. It may be clean compared to a lot of textured works, but the artist has created the illusion of different textures. You can almost feel the wetness of the paint and the smoothness of the white boards.

1. Gold Work 1 and 2

You can never have too much of a good thing, right? Embellished in gold lead with layers of monochromatic tones, these luxe twin paintings will give your wall a bold and brilliant wash of texture.

xoxo, Laurel & Wolf

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