7 Eccentric Austin Homes

By: Sarah Beaumont

March 11, 2016

Known as the “Live Music Capital of the World,” Austin, Texas draws enormous crowds every March for South by Southwest — an annual week-long festival dedicated to film, music, and tech. Noted for its diverse music scene, clean air, quirky local businesses, and classic Texan BBQ, Austin also has a reputation for weirdness. With a slogan like “Keep Austin Weird,” you can certainly expect to see a few strange things, but we have our eyes peeled for one thing in particular: design. From modern homes with artistic additions to ancient, spindly mansions, Austin has some of the most eccentric architecture around.

Scroll through for some of our favorites!

7. Casa Neverlandia

7 Eccentric Austin Homes, Laurel & Wolf, via Weird Homes Tour

via Weird Homes Tour

Like something straight out of a storybook, this eco-friendly home designed and lived in by two artists is a colorful wonderland outfitted with solar panels and filled with playful imagination.

6. Perfect Wall House

7 Eccentric Austin Homes, Laurel & Wolf, via Uncrate

via Uncrate

The “Perfect Wall House” could also be named the “Inside Out House,” as the wall and roof systems are designed to push the insulation to the outside, exposing the house’s frame. The simple property by Rauser Design eliminates all of the non-essentials and uses only durable materials that will age beautifully.

5. Edgeland House

7 Eccentric Austin Homes, Laurel & Wolf, via Dwell

via Dwell

Belonging to science-fiction author Chris Brown, this bunker-style home on the outskirts of Austin juxtaposes a bucolic landscape with urban industrial style. Topped with a living roof to help it blend in with the environment, the glass house looks strangely similar to something you might find in one of Brown’s sci-fi stories.

4. The Littlefield House

7 Eccentric Austin Homes, Laurel & Wolf, ll7_austin_weird_4

via Spia Broad

Named one of the spookiest places in Austin, the Littlefield House looks every bit the part of a haunted mansion. With its ornate spires and tall skinny windows, the Victorian architecture gives off an eerie aura that makes it believable for a ghost to be lurking in every corner.

3. Shipping Container House

7 Eccentric Austin Homes, Laurel & Wolf, via Urban Scrawl

via Urban Scrawl

The people of Austin seem to find a way to reuse just about anything, and with more than 17 million steel shipping containers circulating the globe, you can bet there are some interesting ways to recycle them. Other than use for personal residences, there’s an entire bar in Austin crafted from the industrial containers.

2. A Modern Marvel

7 Eccentric Austin Homes, Laurel & Wolf, via Austin Monthly

via Austin Monthly

Imagine if Tarzan met the Jetsons — this is an accurate description of this innovative home tucked within the trees of Austin’s West Lake Hills neighborhood. Considered the epitome of the Organic Architecture movement, its domed roof and glass walls provide the opportunity to fully embrace the surrounding natural environment.

1. A Futuristic Farmhouse

7 Eccentric Austin Homes, Laurel & Wolf, via Decoist

via Home Adore

Designed by Shiflet Group Architects, this single family contemporary farmhouse pairs rustic style with modern sensibilities. Built in three separate parts with steel, wood, and stone, a glass skyway makes it easy to move through each part of the expansive property.

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