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Laurel Loves Revitaliste

By: Clara Lemon

August 18, 2014

Want to find high-quality vintage furniture without the hassle of searching through endless yard sales and busy flea markets? We’ve stumbled upon a great website that makes the whole process of finding such pieces easy and convenient.

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Revitaliste is a site that specializes in finding these great vintage pieces and providing them to customers for refurbishing. By doing the searching, Revitaliste provides the “bones” of a piece so that customers can re-design them in any way they wish. All of the pieces are hand-selected for their quality, and come from a broad range of eras and styles.

The site is also open 24/7 so that buyers can search for and purchase items at any time and in the comfort of their pj’s. It is a dream-come-true for those looking for great vintage furniture that needs just a little touch to be, ahem, revitalized. It is ideal for designers and all other crafty individuals looking for vintage finds! Check them out, maybe you’ll discover a new treasures too!



Laurel & Wolf

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