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Laurel & Wolf Designer, Jessica Today’s Ingenious Holiday Card Displays

By: Lindsey McMahon

December 2, 2015

With the holidays quickly approaching, an imminent plethora of greeting cards will soon fill our mailboxes, and just like last year, we fear we will watch them slowly pile up on display dishes and creep out of overstuffed desk drawers. But not this year. We’ll show you five ways to display cards so that you can turn those lovely seasonal greetings into beautiful holiday decor!

1. Decorate The Fireplace:


Via Victoria McGinley

Welcome the holidays with a stunning fireplace design, which will serve as the focal point of the room. Set the mood by decorating your mantel with candleholders, pinecones, garland, and candy canes, and then drape greeting cards from a simple string. The design will look fresh, natural, and elegant, and you will be able to view your family’s and friends’ holiday cards while enjoying the warmth of a fire.

2. Utilize A Bare Wall:


Via Popsugar

For those who are looking to maximize a small space—create a simple, modern gallery wall with some tape and metallic wooden planks. The best part—the gallery wall will add holiday spirit without taking up precious floor space.

3. Create a Warm Welcome:


Via MyDomaine

Dress up your foyer by creating a seasonal card display. Simply string holiday lights and secure greeting cards with festive paperclips, for a display that everyone can enjoy as soon as they walk through the door.

4. Use Common Household Items: 


Via Luxe Events And Decor

Instead of letting cards pile up on the kitchen counter, decorate an unused frame with greeting cards and holiday accents: such as bows in a snowflake motif, burlap string, and mini festive cutouts. This will make a great centerpiece for any holiday celebration!

5. Take Your Holiday Cards To The Next Level: 


Via Memories On Clover Lane

Prep for the holidays by wrapping a great-smelling garland around your bannister. Punch holes in the tops of the greeting cards you receive and tie them to the pine with brightly colored ribbons. Add in some old family photos and favorite ornaments for extra fun.

A beautifully designed home is a great base for fabulous, festive decorations. Keeping the holiday flourish to a classic color palate and using fresh greenery over plastic will help to ensure adding a mix of many greeting cards won’t overwhelm your cozy seasonal space.

A very special thank-you to Laurel & Wolf Designer, Jessica Today, for her expert tips on displaying greeting cards in creative ways this holiday season! Learn more about our fabulous designer and check out her design portfolio here.

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