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A Blogger’s Revamped Historical Apartment in New Orleans

By: Casey Gerber

May 20, 2015

For TV host, blogger and stylist Lindsey Calla, moving into a big, beautiful, historical apartment in New Orleans was daunting. “I came down from NYC, so my apartments were always teeny tiny, I had baby furniture!… It was very overwhelming because I’d never furnished a space before!”

When she launched her project online through Laurel & Wolf, our designers leapt at the chance to design a bedroom, living room, and dining room in one of the first apartment buildings in the United States. L&W designer Lauren Messina created a space inspired by Lindsey’s ‘classic and sophisticated style’, with some of her existing furniture paired with fresh, new pieces. Because her crazy schedule calls for her to travel a lot, Lindsey loved that she was able to interact with her designer remotely whenever she had a moment. After a few weeks of designing and revisions, the results were simply magical!

Scroll down to see the inspiring before and after pictures! 

BEFORE: The Living Room


AFTER: The Living Room

In this snug, transitional style living room, a beige sofa is adorned with cushions and throw pillows of pastel mint, rich blue, and sandy hues. Symmetrical hanging wall artworks are alluring.

Lindsey wanted her living room to be inspired by her personal style, but not too feminine and girly (her boyfriend wouldn’t be the biggest fan!) Lauren used a neutral color palette with hints of blue and green to make the living room feel bright and classic.

A soft, beige area rug, elegant console tables, and a large metal mirror complement the living room’s hardwood floors.

To accentuate the high ceilings and the beautiful natural light from the windows, 2 large wrought iron mirrors resting on matching console tables balanced the room and kept it feeling spacious.

BEFORE: The Dining Room


AFTER: The Dining Room 

This elegant dining room features hanging planters, acrylic wall paintings, a circular, wooden table, and a bohemian blue rug.

White silverware and dining chairs paired with white tablecloths create the ultimate elegant dining experience.

We love how different this dining room looks with just a few small changes! By moving the dining table to the center of the space and adding an elegant blue rug, the entire room opens up. A chandelier and hanging planters that sit in front of the large windows brighten up the room instantly without distracting from the design of the rest of the space.

BEFORE: Lindsey’s Bedroom  


AFTER: Lindsey’s Bedroom 

White bedspreads, pillows, a textured throw, and blush pink headboard bring feminine vibes to this neutral bedroom.

Gilded flowers in the fireplace, a woven basket, wall art, and a long, taupe framed mirror are stylish decor additions to this serene bedroom.

Lindsey had a great headboard to work with already, so our designers gave depth to her style by adding luxe bedding and changing up the night stands by her bed. We tied the blush, taupe, and white color palette together with blue and gold accents. Small details like the gilded flowers in her fireplace and a mini gallery wall make all the difference in making the space feel finished.

We loved how Lindsey’s finished look came together, and so did she! It perfectly embodies her vision for a space that can be her home, her office, and her retreat all at once.

xoxo, Laurel & Wolf

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