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Laurel & Wolf Makeover: Onefinestay LA Offices

By: Casey Gerber

January 30, 2015

We love our startup community here in LA, and whenever we get the chance to work with a company we admire we get pretty excited. Enter our friends at onefinestay. Their new Los Angeles offices, located in the hip Hayden Tract in Culver City, needed an interior design makeover to transform their space from a huge open warehouse to a cool, startup office.

_YW_0027Laurel & Wolf designer Marissa Cramer created an amazing contemporary interior design that perfectly suits this awesome company. Marissa explained to us how she came up with her interior design inspiration for this chic and industrial office space.


Laurel & Wolf: What was your inspiration for this office?Marissa Cramer: OneFineStay was looking spruce up their office decor and wanted to incorporate a look that would reflect what they do while adding a touch of personality and SoCal vibe. I chose colorful, patterned area rugs to bring some playfulness to the space and row house art pieces as a reminder of their “unhotel” experience offered to members.

L&W: Why were you excited to take on this project?
MC: I love the concept behind the company in allowing travelers to experience a city “off the beaten path”, less like a tourist in a typical hotel setup. I was excited to find ways to bring that warmth, hominess and playful curiosity to their workspace as well.
L&W: What was the most fun part of this project to create?
MC: Sourcing creative artwork that reflected the company was a lot of fun. I found some wonderful, affordable prints from Society 6 by artist, Glen Gould, featuring some of the cities where OneFineStay has hosts. I love the artist’s use of shapes and color to create recognizable city landscapes.
L&W: What challenges did you run into in this design?
MC: OneFineStay was inspired by the biophilic design elements of incorporating nature into the workspace, but the office had minimal windows and natural light. I found some modern, decorative wall planters to fill with indoor plants that would thrive in that environment. They literally brought a blank wall to life!
L&W: Any tips for someone redesigning their office?
MC: Keep the design clean, simple and functional. Don’t over-accessorize! An office has many bodies moving throughout the space on a daily basis so you want to be thoughtful about each piece.
See more work from Marissa Cramer and all of our Los Angeles interior designers’ in our designer directory, and explore the world with onefinestay
xoxo, Laurel & Wolf
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