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A Dull Closet Gets a Fashion-Forward Makeover

By: Casey Gerber

January 21, 2016

When your wardrobe consists of over 250 articles of clothing (yes, we counted), even the most meticulously organized closets can feel like a big, beautiful disaster. Sure, identical wooden hangers, a spacious dresser, and stylish jewelry displays work wonders, but purging yourself of items you haven’t worn in ages is often the least glamorous, yet most impactful part of the process. With the help of her Laurel & Wolf Designer Jessica Today, Lexi did just that and created a space as fashionable as she is.

“It’s important for me to get creative with the clothes and accessories that I have,” Lexi told Laurel & Wolf of her desire to rid her closet of clutter for good. “My mornings always start off on a better foot when I have a clean and organized space to get ready in—one where I can find everything easily and enjoy spending time in.”

Thankfully, Jessica’s vision for Lexi’s closet seamlessly reflected her client’s self-proclaimed, “business-feminine” style persona. “My newly designed closet, complete with matching hangers, cute boxes for storage, and accessories on display is the perfect mix of functional and beautiful.”

Check out Lexi’s new style sanctuary below and find out how to transform your own closet with these clutter clearing solutions:

Lexi’s Closet Before:


Before finding Laurel & Wolf and being matched with her designer, Jessica, Lexi was admittedly, “overwhelmed with [her] closet because things were hard to find, it was dark and not exciting to look at. Now it feels bright, spacious and everything is so organized!”

Lexi’s Closet After:
This small-scale closet is equipped with sleek white shelves, dressers, chic pendant light fixture, and mini rug.

Photos by Sean Robertson and Design by Jessica Today.

#1: Upgrade your hangers:

“One of the first steps to creating a more unified closet is to replace all mismatched hangers with the same hangers. In Lexi’s closet, I chose a lotus wood hanger with black hardware because it complemented the light gray hardwood floors and the black finish on the pendant,” says Jessica of creating consistency within her design.

#2: Categorize your closet by clothing type:

In order to make Lexi’s closet more manageable, Jessica explains, “pants can stay in one area, and you can even sub-categorize them into jeans, dress pants, etc. If you tend to choose your outfits based on colors, then color code your clothes, and Voilà!”


Photos by Sean Robertson and Design by Jessica Today.

#3:  Put what you love on display:

For those who want to achieve the feeling of shopping at their favorite boutique every time they step foot inside their closet, keep in mind that, “showcasing your favorite pieces, such as sunglasses, jewelry and even inspiring artwork, will not only create a beautiful space, but will also allow you to see your options when putting an outfit together,” says Jessica.

#4: Find smart (and stylish) storage solutions: 

According to Jessica, “always invest in baskets, boxes and containers that complement the interior of your closet. Everything from wire to woven to rattan is available, and if you want to be bold, opt for acrylic boxes.”

In this small-sized, modern closet, a black jewelry tray, chic pendant lighting, and mini succulent add extra style into the space.

Photos by Sean Robertson and Design by Jessica Today.

 #5: Keep comfort top of mind: 

“Your feet will be thankful, and you’ll have an extra layer of texture and color in your space,” says Jessica on why she went with a soft grey and white tie-dye rug for Lexi’s neutral closet.

#6: Illuminate your wardrobe with a glamorous fixture:

A major closet mistake is to not have proper lighting. Jessica suggests, “replacing your light with a bright pendant or chandelier to illuminate your clothes, while adding a chic touch.” Prior to her closet redesign, Lexi kept her door closed in order to hide the contents inside and, “never really considered investing in lighting.” She now considers adding a fixture to be, “one of the easiest, but best fixes you can make!”

Lexi’s new closet has inspired her to stay organized while helping her refine her personal sense of style. Lexi remarks, “A closet doesn’t need to be something you keep behind closed doors. Now my closet is a focal point and really compliments the style of the rest of my room.” The time that she had previously spent sorting through piles of clothes has been replaced with an extra 15 joyful minutes of mixing and matching items that she would not have discovered otherwise. With her closet completely redefined, Lexi finally has room to get creative with her wardrobe and is able to take on each day with a fierce and fashionable sense of confidence.

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