A Look Back At Our Favorite Moments from MTV Cribs

By: Sarah Beaumont

August 28, 2016

Image via Trakt.TV

Prior to the rise of Instagram and Snapchat, one of our only chances to see inside the homes of the rich and famous was MTV Cribs. During its 10-year stint, we toured the most over-the-top interiors and learned what it’s like to have a shower built for seven (we’re looking at you, Bow Wow). Though the spaces weren’t always tasteful, we’re feeling nostalgic for the over-the-top aughts style. So in honor of the VMA’s, we’re taking a look back at the glory days of MTV Cribs.

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Missy Elliot’s Crib

The first design lesson we learn from Missy Elliot’s episode of Cribs is that “you can’t have carpet when you walk in a house.” We couldn’t agree more, Missy. Her choice in flooring? A deep, gleaming marble that extends all the way up the stairs. She also has her signature embedded in the floor, so “nobody else can stay there unless they change the name,” Missy proudly remarks.

Aaron Carter’s Crib

The Justin Bieber of 1997 was just 15 when he gave MTV a tour of his family crib. The decor is true to the 90’s — off-white-on-white Floridian charm. He shows us his big, leather chair, his two boats, but most importantly, we get a peek at his record collection. According to Aaron, “you cannot live in a house without a Billy Joel record.” Ain’t that the truth.

Naomi Campbell’s Crib

It belongs to Naomi Campbell and it’s in Jamaica — what’s not to love? The supermodel shares secrets about her tropical retreat, like the fact that Ian Fleming wrote every James Bond film on the property. The place itself is pretty modest, but for a vacation home on the ocean with a few full bars and a lot of land, we wouldn’t say no to an invitation.

Lil Wayne’s Crib

Lil Wayne’s New Orleans crib has a game room, a collection of model cars and real ones, and a stark white sectional sofa that we can’t fathom how he keeps clean. We think he may have blown all his cash money on cars instead of design services, but his tour of his daughter’s room is pretty touching.

Mariah Carey’s Crib

Mariah Carey’s episode of Cribs is not just any old episode — it’s packed with celebrity commentary from the likes of Pauly Shore and Sharon Osbourne. The tour begins in the glazed halls of her Art Deco penthouse apartment in New York City. The rest of the space is beautified with lush silken fabrics and sparkling chandeliers. She even has a closet just for lingerie. Best part? When she decides to take an on-camera bath in her outlandish master bathroom.

Lauren Conrad’s Crib

It wouldn’t be a Cribs roundup without a cameo from an MTV queen like LC (Lauren Conrad). You may remember her SoCal spot being finished in the first episode of The Hills but when she shows it off for Cribs, it’s pretty much complete. We must say, Lauren’s design tastes have definitely improved since she lived in this kitschy, Mediterranean-style space with her folks.

Richard Branson’s Crib

Introduced as the priciest pad of all time, Richard Branson’s private Necker Island home in the Virgin Islands is more than a small step up from our other favorite MTV cribs. With 74 acres, 10 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms it’s pretty much unbeatable. But our favorite part has got to be the master bedroom balcony, complete with clawfoot tub, jacuzzi, and ocean views for days.

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